What is anti-cracking stickers and sealants

After the seventies, sealant has begun to be used for structural joints seams, and gradually become the main material. This material can be functional and basic polymer two methods of classification, it is important according to the use and sealing function of the product classification, has prepared a standard glass curtain wall sealant, concrete sealant, stone sealant, mold Sealant, metal color plate sealant, window sealant, etc., with the need for fire sealant, insulation sealant, corrosion sealant, etc., the physical mechanics according to ISO 11600 standard classification, respectively, Function-specific technical requirements. For the design of materials, product research and engineering applications, according to the classification of basic polymer type has become less important, the key is the product to meet the use and specific functional requirements. First listed several classified sealants and related technical requirements.

1) curtain wall glass joint sealant
Sealant with adhesive seal wall sealing glass, the current basic silicone sealant. The appearance of a single component can be loaded with sticky viscous fluid, no sagging after extrusion, no deformation, the color to black-based. For long-term exposure to sunlight, rain and snow and wind pressure and other environmental conditions of the alternating role, to withstand the greater joint displacement of the curtain wall glass - glass joints of the adhesive seal can also be used for architectural glass other seams sealed. According to the displacement ability and modulus is divided into four levels.
2) Sealant for building window
For the window hole, window frame and window glass seal sealant. Appearance for a single component can be loaded with sticky viscous fluid, no sagging after extrusion, no deformation. Color is transparent, translucent, brown, white, black and so on. Products according to the size and displacement capacity is divided into three levels. This type of sealant is mainly used for sealing joints, do not bear structural stress. The sealant required for adaptation may be silicone, modified silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide, etc. The hole-window frame seal may be silicified acrylic or acrylic.
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3) concrete construction joints sealant
Definition: Sealant for concrete construction roof, wall deformation seal.
The appearance of a one-component package can be squeezed viscous fluid.
Due to the wide range of conditions such as the material, the size, the use temperature, the structural deformation and the foundation settlement, the requirements for the displacement and durability of the sealant joint are different, and the product includes all six grades of 25 to 7.5. According to the mobility is divided into N-type - for vertical joints, no sagging after extrusion, no deformation; S-type - for the horizontal seam can be self-leveling. Mainly include neutral silicone sealant, modified silicone, polyurethane, polysulfide type, including acrylic, silicified acrylic, butyl sealant, modified asphalt capping paste, the latter three are mainly used for building internal Seal the seal.
4) anti-mildew sealant
It is not long mold or can inhibit the growth of mold sealant. The appearance of a one-component package can be squeezed viscous fluid.
Product grade according to the mildness of 0 and 1, according to the modulus and displacement capacity is divided into 20LM level, 20HM class, 12.5E level three levels. Mainly used for kitchen, toilet, the whole toilet, aseptic operation room, operating room and microbial laboratories and sanitary ware and other building joints sealed.
5) stone joint sealant
Building curtain wall and decorative natural stone sealant sealant. Appearance A single component can be squeezed with viscous fluid.
Classification: The sealant according to the displacement capacity and modulus is divided into five levels. For granite, marble and other natural stone seam structure waterproof, weathering and decoration. Suitable sealants include neutral silicone sealants, polyurethanes, polysulfide types, and acrylic sealants.
6) Building sealant for coated steel sheet
Light steel structure - Building color - coated sealant for steel plate joint sealing. The appearance of a single component can be squeezed with viscous fluid, with the steel plate close to a variety of color colors. The sealant has seven grades. Meet the standard requirements of the product is mainly neutral silicone sealant, polyurethane, polysulfide type elastic sealant. Mainly used for light steel structure building color coated steel plate joints light steel structure building color coated steel roof or wall joints waterproof, anti-corrosion and weathering seal. As the steel temperature expansion coefficient is large, the maximum displacement capacity of the product requirements of up to ± 50%; sealant of the stable adhesion with the color coating material, requiring a good adhesive peel strength.