Vibration vibration full hydraulic double drum roller

China's first vibration oscillation full hydraulic double steel roller road, in Beijing international engineering machinery machine glory come out, became the show that the most dazzling star!

The machine is a series of double-drum vibratory vibratory roller, with vibration oscillation two different compaction mechanism, as a vibratory roller machine can be used for foundation compaction, the compaction effect with the same tonnage vibratory roller; as an oscillation roller Use, with rolling flat, compaction efficiency, energy conservation, reduce the risk of vibration and so on. It is suitable for the whole process of roadbed to road construction, and has good compaction effect on sand, silty soil, clay and dry hard concrete (HRC). Can be used for roads, overpasses, dams and vibration-sensitive buildings near the construction of other places, its performance indicators are at home and abroad in the leading level of compaction machinery industry.
Equipment Exhibition
vibration vibration full hydraulic double drum roller
The machine is a new breakthrough in the key technology of the Chinese compactor machinery in Luoyang, that is, in the actual operation of the road rolling, to achieve the level of oscillation (vibration wheel for the ground like rubbing the oval-like trajectory The principle of vibration to exercise), with the asphalt material to dynamic rubbing effect. Especially for bridges, elevated roads, tunnels and highways and other road construction is very suitable for rolling, modern road engineering is the use of special compaction machinery and equipment.
Compared with the traditional roller has six distinctive features:
1, to improve the compactness of compaction and flatness
Unlike traditional vibratory rollers that bounce on the ground by means of a steel wheel, the oscillating technique ensures that the steel wheel is always in contact with the material being pressed, applying a horizontal shear force to the hot asphalt mixture, Compaction material, this "rubbing" compaction method effectively improves the compaction of the compactness and flatness.
2, save fuel, reduce energy costs
The oscillating roller can efficiently compact the asphalt mixture at a much lower material temperature, making it possible to produce a lower temperature hot mix asphalt mixture, reducing energy consumption, especially for large asphalt mixing plants, Reduced energy costs.
 3, to improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs
 According to the field test: laying the thickness of 6 cm asphalt material, rolling start temperature is 150 ℃, the use of oscillation roller rolling times in the horizontal oscillation machine operating area without vibration 1, the level of oscillation 4 times (total 5 times); Of the construction mode, the need for wheel roller and tire roller 5 times (total 10 times). Rolling compactness and void ratio of the same results, that is to say a horizontal oscillatory roller can be arrived in two previous machine rolling effect. It follows that the advantage of this machine is to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs.
 4, environmental noise reduction
 When using a horizontal oscillatory roller, the noise level measured at the top of the bridge is 69 dB, well below the specified value (85 dB). In addition, the noise figure below the bridge is below the traffic noise standard, low to almost undetectable degree. Horizontal direction in the 1M place about 30dB lower, 7M places also reduced by about 20dB.
 5, to reduce the damage to the surrounding facilities
 Oscillation compaction is very small for vibrations around the upper and lower sides, so it is very effective for compacting roads with bridges, viaducts and subgrade. In the past, in the bridge and even high-priced roads and other places should not use the vibration of the vibratory roller, it is because the resonance principle and the depth of the impact, in the construction of abnormal vibration, bring some damage.
 6, to extend the construction period
 Oscillation compaction of the compaction material temperature requirements than the oscillation compaction temperature requirements of 10 ℃ or more, which can effectively extend the compaction time, and even to a certain extent, can extend the oil surface compaction season.