The use of milling machines

First, the road milling machine classification and use

Pavement milling machine is mainly used in road, urban roads, airports, freight yard, parking field and other asphalt concrete surface excavation renovation, asphalt pavement package, oil waves, textures, rutting and other clear; Milling of the surface layer.
According to the width of the milling machine, the road milling machine can be divided into three types: medium and small, and it is suitable for small area road maintenance, scraping and marking, small milling and so on. Mainly for road maintenance renovation operations. China is currently the main production of small road milling machine, and to large and medium-sized products are basically blank.
In addition, according to different milling patterns can be divided into hot and cold milling, cold milling due to a wide range of applications, currently dominated milling machine according to the different ways, can be divided into wheel and crawler; The direction of rotation and the direction of walking is different, can be divided into reverse milling and milling; according to whether the waste recycling conveyor can be divided into conveyor and no conveyor; according to the milling drum installation can be divided into fixed and mobile.
Second, the development of road milling machine at home and abroad.
Equipment Exhibition
gasoline type low consumption road milling machine
Foreign road milling machine originated in the 20th century 50 years, after 50 years of development, its products have become a series, the production efficiency is generally 150-2000m2 / h, the maximum milling depth of up to 350mm, the mechanical and electrical integration technology has been Mature, milling depth can be automatically controlled by the automatic leveling system, while improving the working environment, to extend the life of milling tools, spray water spray device and designed to reduce the labor intensity, in recent years to develop products with Recovery device, so that milling objects from the milling rotor directly to the delivery truck. Many foreign manufacturers.
DOAN road maintenance machinery company in the international leading position, especially the small milling machine is no one can. The main production SF and DC series milling machine, the maximum milling depth of 350mm, China mainly to import the company's products. Tyler has a history of more than 40 years of manufacturing milling machines. The SF series of cold milling machines have 11 models with a milling depth of 340mm. The PR and PM series are produced with a milling depth of 305mm and the milling machine has a milling machine Planing depth and milling surface automatic leveling automatic control function, milling depth error of ± 3mm.
The development of the domestic road surface milling machine began in the 1980s, began by the tractor as a chassis through the installation of milling device modified, until entering the 90's began to self-milling machine development.Overall, Domestic milling machine products lack of serialization, poor performance, low technical content, poor job reliability, the production of milling width of 2 meters milling machine only DOAN road maintenance machinery factory and several few manufacturers.No Economic and Trade Commission has made it clear that "15", milling speed 0-3m / min, milling the concentration of 0-300mm milling machine, so as to quickly improve the international competitiveness of China's road maintenance machinery.