The status and development of the conservation machinery industry

In the last 20 years, the total mileage of China's expressways has risen at double-digit rates per year. As of the end of 2011, this figure has reached 85,000 kilometers; the total mileage of the highway is close to 4 million kilometers. But with the parallel, is the development of road maintenance is relatively slow, most of the road there are different degrees of damage, the need for repair or overhaul.

In this context, the rapid development of the road maintenance machinery market has been hindered, making it a high-profile field of construction machinery industry and has emerged a number of enterprises specializing in road construction machinery and equipment. However, belonging to the sub-sectors of the conservation machinery, the equipment of the fine and professional requirements are higher, the market capacity is relatively small, to a certain extent, affecting the industry and market development. From the emergence of the first asphalt sprinkler so far, the development pattern of the conservation machinery market has been stable, the number of enterprises involved in the increase, the scale of small enterprises, product, brand homogeneity of the problem has become a serious problem within the market.
From the perspective of industry enterprises, the development of China's road maintenance machinery is in a pseudo-prosperous period. Many small businesses are snatching in the market, and large enterprises in their own strategic sector in product development, the lack of effective health market operating mechanism. At this stage, the road maintenance machinery enterprises can be based on the development and the key lies in whether the independent innovation, to pay attention to product development, to maximize the market demand. Developed for the status of China's road products to meet the construction requirements and conditions required by the market acceptance.
Enterprises should proceed from the user's point of view, through independent innovation to design, manufacture equipment. China's road maintenance because of its particularity, product replacement rate will be more than the Western countries, to abandon imitation, adhere to independent innovation, in order to grasp the future of the vast market opportunities for enterprises to meet China's road maintenance peak prepared. At the same time, our enterprises should also pay attention to the differentiated product and brand building, product specialization, serialization oriented, continuous market development, improve marketing and service network, technological innovation, quality service, with high quality services to improve quality.