The slurry seal car completes Indonesia's first slurry micro-treatment project

Recently, DOAN company MS9B slurry seal car in Indonesia, Indonesia completed the first slurry micro-processing project, by the local government highly praised, DOAN equipment in Indonesia to broaden the market has laid a good foundation.

Companies in the field of slurry coating conservation for many years, in recent years to speed up the pace of international market development, in particular, increased the intensity of the development of the Southeast Asian market in Indonesia. In May 2017, the company and the Australian PublicWork (Public Works Department) in the Jakarta region successfully held "XRMC slurry slurry microstructure processing demonstration" activities, in one fell swoop achieved good results. In March 2016, the Indonesian Ministry of Public Works announced the commencement of construction of the slurry seal microfabrication at Belitung Island and designated the company's MS9 Series Slurry Seal Car as a special equipment for the construction of the project, which is also the first slurry in Indonesia Table project.
In the construction process, the company MS9B slurry seal car with its construction speed, low cost, good conservation effect won the Indonesian government and engineering company's high degree of concern. They highly praised the XRMC brand from China-made slurry coating equipment in the construction process to show the advanced technology, the international standard of construction quality and perfect after-sales service.
The international project can be implemented smoothly, the company perfect after-sales service system contributed, the company repeatedly sent technical backbone to Indonesia for customers and construction side to provide operational training and construction guidance, the mature construction program, construction technology and Rich experience to share with customers. From the sale of products to the process of output, program output, service output changes, to provide a package for the personalized building road equipment design and system integration program changes. Company products, brand image in Indonesia to further enhance the visibility, to open up the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets played a good role model.
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