The new micro-surface: the slurry seal car is about to come out

DOAN mechanical independent research and development of micro-surface / slurry seal car, has been by virtue of outstanding performance, distinctive features and quality services and other advantages used in Henan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Shandong, Anhui, Sichuan, Hebei and other provinces, and Exported to India, Sri Lanka, Zambia and other countries, involved in a large number of domestic and international road construction and conservation projects, reliability and construction quality continues to improve, the machine performance has been widely recognized by many users.

To scientific and technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence as its mission. DOAN mechanical research and development team in the absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of independent research and development in 2005 the first generation of modified emulsified asphalt slurry seal car, after 10 years of experience in the accumulation of construction and summary, continuous improvement, innovation, the latest DGL5310TFC-X105A micro-surface / slurry seal car is about to come out, its car chassis, mixed material ration system, mixing system, paving and leveling system and automatic control system to achieve a breakthrough to improve, with a high degree of intelligence, Fuel saving effect is good, conservation and construction of high efficiency advantages, more suitable for the provincial trunk road preventive maintenance - micro-surface construction, can be described as "ten years sword."
1, the chassis is equipped with Shaanxi two-speed transfer case, to ensure the normal driving speed at the same time to further reduce the construction speed, micro-surface construction quality has been further improved;
2, the tank, asphalt tank capacity increased from 2.5m ³ to 3.2m ³, aggregate storage capacity of aggregate up to about 13m ³, powder box capacity increased to 600L, greater loading to improve the equipment construction Efficiency, reduced construction costs;
3, Aggregate silo and powder box structure to further optimize the silo vibration mechanism from fixed to adjustable, can adapt to the use of various types of aggregate, improve the fluency of the material to make the ratio more accurate, to ensure that the Construction Quality;
4, improved the paving box lifting mechanism, so that it has a certain lifting function, equipment transitions more convenient;
5, set the rapid addition of water, plus asphalt interface, you can more quickly add water and asphalt;
6, the mixer blade from the original 42 to 48, and optimize the blade angle makes the mixing more uniform.
7, the control system has been optimized design, touch screen and operator panel integrated together, a higher degree of intelligence, more convenient and efficient operation.
DOAN machinery new micro-surface / slurry seal car come out, is based on the field of research, customer demand-oriented, customer satisfaction as the goal and take a solid step. 2016 will also be introduced in succession collection of the latest scientific research, construction and verification of reliable high-end building conservation machinery products, please look forward to ••••••