The introduction of two units crack sealing machine, designed fill cracks in the road

Crack Sealing machine appears to solve the above problems.According to the staff Tiexi District Urban Management Bureau, Crack Sealing machine(GD5X-350 and GD5X-500) each worth 380,000 yuan, currently in Shenyang there are two, one in Shenyang City, the urban construction department, one in the Tiexi District Urban Management Bureau.From the exterior, slotted crack sealing machine consists of three parts, can be used separately. Part called slot machines, irrigation sewing machine called a part, there are still some people in the back of the blower duct shoulder use.After the repair pavement, blower hairdryer dry, it can make in 20 minutes vehicular traffic.One capable of reaching 20 workers.
BRIDGES Deputy Director Liu Chunguang at Tiexi District Urban Management Bureau, said: "The original repair cracks on the road surface requires more than 20 workers have jobs, have to constantly heated asphalt kettle, inefficient heating asphalt unpleasant taste now. several people on the road need a plastic irrigation on the line, one can almost arrived on the 20 workers, equipment, work facet, low noise, 8-hour infusion can be near km. "
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This sealant live longer, generally up to four years. After applying colloidal flexible, adapted to cold winter weather in Shenyang, usually construction in the spring or autumn. Now Hing Wah Street, the construction of the road, a road north and Shen Liao Road streets are utilized in this way to repair cracks in the road. Road construction are pouring choice at night, which reduces the impact on urban traffic.
Yesterday, staff reporter demonstrates the operation of the machine. Slot machine slot after the saw cut, and then the blower duct inside the slot after cutting debris blown. Next, the solid block of rubber sealant into the sealing machine melting furnace, the melting of high temperature and stirred so that the sealant to become liquid temperature of 250 ℃ gum. Then, the instrument shows the temperature of the liquid sealant, with a long yellow hose will be transferred to a high temperature liquid glue looks like as if the "big pen" of the operating lever at the colloid through the plastic mouth outflow. A plastic mouth outflow of liquid glue to paste on crack on the ground, and finally with the hairdryer dry.