The introduction of road slotted filling machine

Reporters learned from the Weifang City Road Maintenance Management Office, Weifang City for the first time the introduction of the Shanghai DOAN road maintenance machinery company's own (traction) type of road slotted filling machine, 25 minutes to the slit road repair complete, road repair Speed ​​and quality have been greatly improved.

According to reports, self (traction) type slotted slotting machine is currently more advanced road repair tool, the host using digital intelligent temperature control system automatically control the heating, can be 50 degrees Celsius -300 degrees Celsius range of self-selected Temperature, not only can improve the thermal efficiency, but also to ensure that no leakage of gas. The device can melt 400 kg of liquid at a time, can be filled with 1200 m long cracks. Each push-in filling machine is capable of filling at an average speed of 10 m / min, and the sealant can be solidified within 25 minutes, which does not substantially affect the normal traffic of the trunk road.
When the equipment is operated, one person pushes the push-type slotter along the road surface crack first out of a one-meter-wide micro-groove; one person then use the backpack type high pressure dust blower to blow the tank and the surrounding asphalt debris; Manually push two pouring machine followed by follow, along the well to open a good groove before the line for irrigation joints.
Road Maintenance and Management Office staff, the past road repair, often smoky of the manual work, not only the environment has a certain pollution, but also affect the passage. The introduction of the road slotted filling and sewing machine, to overcome the shortcomings of manual operations. Up to now, the road filling machine has been completed Dongfeng East Street, North Palace Street and other sections of the road "suture", the cumulative length of 21,000 meters filling.