The importance of highway maintenance management

Highway maintenance management is an important part of expressway operation and management, and it is one of the main means to ensure the excellent service level of expressway.

Timely detection of different levels of damage to the highway and effectively repair these damage, is conducive to maintaining a good use of the highway state and service level, is conducive to providing users with safe, fast, comfortable, economical and beautiful driving environment, is conducive to establish high-speed Highway external image, and ultimately improve the economic and social benefits of the highway.
Understand and correctly evaluate the status and service level of conservation objects in time to arrange daily maintenance, special maintenance and overhaul to ensure a good driving environment on the highway. Through the conservation survey can establish the corresponding technical status database for the operation and management of the highway to provide complete and scientific technical data, and data analysis and processing services for decision-making. It should be noted that in the early hours of the opening of the highway, many technical data and conservation data are often overlooked by managers, and these information for the future maintenance of highway maintenance can not be an important role.
the importance of highway maintenance management
To identify and promptly make up for the design or other causes of the road and its facilities congenital deficiencies and the use of defects. In general, after the use of the highway, due to the construction period of the reasons, in actual use often appear such as road drainage, slope protection, channel settings, signs disposal, building use function and other issues, these problems Only through the late maintenance and repair to make up, and gradually form a better use of the highway and service functions.
To prevent the occurrence of road and facilities in advance, timely treatment of damage at any time, as far as possible to extend the life of roads and facilities, delay the overhaul cycle, reduce operating costs. As the highway has a high speed, heavy traffic, high flow characteristics, and thus through early conservation can prevent the further expansion of tiny diseases, so that the highway often maintain the original state of technology and standards. Reduce or eliminate unnecessary damage caused by improper maintenance of roads and facilities to users and users, and avoid unnecessary legal disputes arising from this.