The effect of concrete laser leveling machine

Advantages of laser leveling machine

1.Construction quality is high
Laser leveling machine leveling the ground, can significantly improve the flatness of the ground, the laser leveling machine and the traditional method of construction of the ground were detected 22 points (every 5mx4m detection point), flatness were 1.3mm and 4.1mm, laser Flat and other equipment leveling quality than the traditional method to improve more than 3 times.
Laser leveling machine and other equipment applications, can achieve a large area of ​​construction, reduce a large number of construction joints, concrete slump can be reduced, concrete strength is guaranteed, so that the ground integrity is good, not prone to cracks.
2. Construction speed
The use of laser leveling machine and other equipment construction concrete plate, than the traditional beam vibrator method to improve work efficiency 3 times, save 30%, the average daily completion of 2000 square meters, especially for the shape of a simple, large surface concrete face construction.
3. To reduce the amount of side stall
To 20,000 square meters of concrete pavement statistics, the traditional method to be demolished 5800m side of the template, and the use of laser leveling machine and other advanced equipment, only 2500m demolition, reduce the support modulus of more than 74%
4. High degree of automation, labor intensity is small
The use of laser leveling machine and other equipment to make heavy manual labor into a mechanical paving, vibrating, leveling, mention pulp, plaster, so that operators reduce 30%, colleagues reduce labor intensity.
Equipment Exhibition
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5. High economic efficiency
The application of laser leveling machine and other equipment, than the traditional cost savings of 2-3 yuan / ㎡, less sub-sub-maintenance costs lower, so that significantly improve the economic efficiency.
Should pay attention to the problem
(1) due to the high construction efficiency, the late slits must keep up with the general, each of the laser leveling machine with 7-8 sewing machine can be full
Enough requirements.
(2) should be used before the plastic film covering conservation, and then covered with non-woven fabrics.
(3) in the construction process, due to the role of concrete side of the pressure, steel mesh easy to horizontal displacement, for which in the adjacent steel mesh directly
Shelved isolation bench, so that the horizontal displacement of steel mesh to be effectively controlled, the bench can be used to deal with.
Laser leveling machine and other advanced equipment is particularly suitable for the shape is relatively simple, the role of large construction quality requirements of the higher terminals, yard, highways, airports, large square, parking, municipal roads and other projects.