The development prospect of milling machine

With the rapid development of highway traffic, especially after the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" and "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, the total amount of highway infrastructure has made a huge breakthrough. By the end of 2002, the total mileage of highway has reached 176 Million km, of which 2.52 million km highway, two or more high-grade highway 240,000 km. In order to keep the road safe, comfortable and fast, timely, effective and high quality maintenance will be the focus of future work.

With the development of China's economy, the strengthening of comprehensive national strength, the urbanization of townships, the large-scale small and medium-sized cities, the trend of urbanization in large and medium-sized cities is becoming more and more obvious. In this situation, the road maintenance work has become increasingly arduous, the quality of road maintenance operations put forward higher requirements, modern machinery maintenance operations is imperative.
In the market prospects, the market demand for strong situation, the road maintenance equipment development era has come, asphalt pavement milling machine as a road mechanization conservation one of the essential equipment in the domestic market demand will be more and more The In fact, the milling machine as the main equipment of the mechanized maintenance mode has been adopted on many roads in the country, as the current situation under a standard conservation mode, large-scale road milling machine also became "15" during the needs of our country Focus on the development of one of the high-grade highway maintenance machinery.
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According to China's road development statistics, the future of road maintenance of various types of modern machinery and equipment demand will be more and more. With the arrival of the expressway overhaul period and the understanding of the modern transport mode by the road transport industry and the city management department, the demand for road milling machines will increase year by year and will increase at a rapid rate.
Foreign imports, despite the advanced performance, but the price is expensive, maintenance services inconvenience, it can be expected asphalt pavement milling machine will have a broader market prospects. Domestic production enterprises should seize the opportunity to make the domestic asphalt pavement milling machine as soon as possible to form a complete series, and continuously improve the use of products and reliability, to provide users with economic, practical, high-quality milling machine.