The development of mechanical machinery products since ancient times and the future trend

1.Development of roller untill now

With the development of basic industries, roller industry is in constant progress, especially after the 1990s, Rollers demand and rapid growth in production and sales, roller production enterprises gradually increased, China has occupied a heavy proportion of sales in the world power.
2.Future trends of roller
With the continuous development of the domestic,demand for construction industry also continued to increase, structure and technical performance is more and more sophisticated. The development of modern roller (DAYD-600.DAYD-700,DAYS-600G,DAYL-30)has the following form.
a:Hydraulic transmission and full electro-hydraulic control
b:Further optimize for technical performance and parameters match
Demand for more intelligent is needed in building industry , so that the roller-DAYL-120 and DAYL-D120, can be carried out with the conditions of construction for different applications, the construction would be better.
As a manufacturer in roller industry, we Shanghai DOAN machinery still need a very long-term development, the development roller should also consider more factors
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Such as:
(1) Environmental requirements
No matter which industry, the pursuit of environmental protection are high, DOAN can not fall behind, it should reduce the mechanical exhaust emissions, reduce fuel consumption, using more recycled devices .
(2)More humane
While driving roller is not like other vehicles, but also need driving comfort, the muffler installed in the hood, can reduce more noise and heat. You can design a rotating seat, to facilitate the construction of the operator environment.