The developing course of asphalt pavement maintenance machinery in China

1. Highway development course and present situation

The expressway development has a history of 15 years in China, the highway maintenance management system has evolved from the ordinary running, as a result of the highway mileage increases speed far exceeded expectations, maintaining mechanization has transition from slogan to real demand.
In order to put forward suitable for China's national conditions of the asphalt pavement maintenance machinery research and development August, It is necessary to review the current situation of domestic road mechanization.
2.The origin of pavement maintenance industry development
Road maintenance mechanization, at different times are different meanings.Twenty years ago, No traffic tools and material handling, At that time, almost all provinces of highway machinery factory in producing simple four-wheel vehicle DAL12-T38X.More than a before ago, Order a copy of this thesis All kinds of multi-functional integrated maintenance car arises at thecos moment.Recently, Expressway asphalt road surface maintenance for higher quality, Local dig is not any effect.Damaged the main driveway pavement partial eradication and repainting become quickly recover the bearing capacity of the pavement and flatness of the main ways, wide pavement milling machine XM-503, Small wheeled asphalt paver flexible and asphalt mixing machine becomes The main mechanical maintenance company equipped with models.
Equipment Exhibition
asphalt pavement maintenance machinery
3. existing asphalt pavement maintenance practices
As well as the high-quality maintenance mechanization for mechanical request higher and higher, need more and more heterogeneous, modified emulsified asphalt slurry seal.Modified asphalt SMA Wearing layer.All kinds of asphalt surface purification and repainting technology, high quality fast repair and cold patch process, Effective waterproof materials and fracture repair process.Improve the pavement mining technology of the small ditcher and so on, need to have the corresponding protection of mechanical equipment.Obviously, demand of road machinery has been out of their mind humble, cumbersome traditional image.Pavement Maintenance technology liquid development needs not only the mechanical and electrical integration, but also meet the requirements of a wide variety of assignments.Thus Technology innovation will run through the whole process of product development of road maintenance machinery.
4. the development of the road machinery
Before development the new technology of modern highway maintenance in front of the shortages and the corresponding mechanical basic requirements, remains plain.Road machinery (KD-25 and JP-300) in our country the present situation of the gap is Manufacturing factory in China, still have quite a lot of factory development ability is weak, But since the 1990 s that had already a big change, road machinery economy slow standardized, the competition attracted a large number of foreign manufacturers-Shanghai Doan machinery.So You can think that as long as the real raised investment in technology in the road machinery development, especially to the development of further argument, rather than get rich quick.
(DAT-9000), no shortages of advanced machinery and advanced technology and new technology used for road engineering is meaningless.This article is technology in highway maintenance of asphalt and asphalt equipment DAY-3030 , DAY-3010, ZC-2000, and puts forward some views on how to accelerate the development of road machinery.This article involved in is mostly encountered in the work of the author or need to solve the problem, would like to cooperate with road Warrior author shortages and mechanical development manufacturer, promote the technological progress of our country's highway.