The characteristics of laser leveling machine

(1) laser leveling machine leveling principle is the use of precision laser technology, closed-loop control technology and highly sophisticated hydraulic system, under the automatic control of the computer to achieve, which is different from other floor construction technology is the most prominent specialty.

(2) precision laser leveling machine leveling principle is to rely on the hydraulic-driven leveling head, with the laser system and computer control system in the automatic leveling at the same time to complete the leveling work. The flat head is equipped with an integrated design of the scraper, vibrator and flat plate, all leveling, leveling, vibrating compaction work in one, and one-time completion. Computer control system 10 times per second real-time automatic adjustment of elevation, balanced design of the vibrator vibration frequency of 3000 times / min.
(3) The laser launchers used to control the ground elevation are arranged independently so that the floor elevation is not controlled by the template and does not produce cumulative errors.
(4) laser leveling machine on the vertical, horizontal gradient can also be automatically controlled, the same by the laser system, computer systems, hydraulic systems, mechanical systems to complete. On the drainage and other requirements of the complex shape of the complex ground, but also optional three-dimensional terrain surface treatment system to achieve.