The application of asphalt sprinkler

What are the use of asphalt sprinkler. First of all to distinguish between the asphalt sprinkler is what kind of asphalt and then to distinguish:

① Asphalt sprinkler for spraying high viscosity modified asphalt, hot asphalt and emulsified asphalt.
② gravel sprinkler with a high standard of uniformity of cloth to replace the heavy manual work, the elimination of environmental pollution, has been widely used in highway construction and highway maintenance projects.
③ snow melt cloth for winter in the road to spread the snow melt material.
In short, the asphalt spreading car is used to replace a manual material for the spread of the main application in the construction of the construction of today's society, the construction of the asphalt is often no longer a single asphalt, and more is the composite asphalt The appearance of. This is due to the development of new materials science brought by science and technology.