The Concept and Basic Requirement of Expressway Maintenance Management

1, concept

Highway maintenance is through the management of the database and effective road, bridge evaluation and forecasting system, the establishment of high quality and efficient mechanization of conservation methods, at the same time, continue to adopt new technologies, new technology, the most economical way to ensure smooth road, smooth, Perfect, improve the durability of the highway and disaster resistance, so that highway maintenance and repair to achieve high standards, high quality, high efficiency, high mobility requirements, in order to maintain the highway is often in good condition, to prevent the use of quality decline, and to Highway operators to provide a good service for the operation, it follows the "prevention, prevention and treatment combined with" the principle of taking appropriate engineering and technical measures, adhere to the daily maintenance, timely repair, often keep the road intact, smooth, clean and beautiful , To extend the use of the road cycle.
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2, the basic requirements
The maintenance of expressway is an important part of highway management. After the completion of the highway into operation. With the passage of time, the cumulative traffic increases, the use of performance will gradually decay, and disease. In order to ensure the highway fast, smooth, safe, comfortable, landscape, environmental protection, economic use function. Keep the original design of the highway state. We must adhere to the "prevention-oriented. Combining prevention and treatment" approach, to take reasonable conservation techniques and measures. Regular, timely, long-term, preventive, high-quality maintenance and repair. The aim is to be able to always ensure that the various works and facilities on the road. Such as roadbeds, pavement, bridges and culverts, tunnels, retaining walls, protection slopes, greening and guardrail, lighting, signs, monitoring facilities, etc. in good condition.