Talking about Paver Repair

The paver is the main force in the construction of the pavement. It is the key equipment in the pavement equipment. The paver is a large-scale pavement machine with high degree of automation, versatility and high control precision. Directly affect the construction quality and construction progress. In order to do a good job in the maintenance and repair work of the paver, according to the experience of many years of maintenance and use of the paver, we propose to maintain the scientific maintenance thought for the maintenance and repair of the paver, to have reasonable and rich means of maintenance (method) To strictly enforce the requirements of fine maintenance.

1 scientific maintenance thought
Maintenance of thinking to reveal the nature of maintenance and its inherent laws to guide the development of maintenance, on behalf of the maintenance direction, is the basis for all maintenance system. We combine several major popular maintenance ideas, combined with the actual situation of the use of paver maintenance, the use of regular (mandatory) maintenance, as appropriate maintenance and overhaul (renovation) comprehensive maintenance, maintenance ideas.
Regular (compulsory) maintenance of the regular maintenance of the planned and prepared the advantages, but only involved in routine maintenance and 200 hours, 600 hours of maintenance, to avoid regular maintenance due to a large number of unnecessary excess inspection and repair Increased maintenance time, additional material costs, and even reduced the inherent reliability of the device.
To reliability as the central idea of ​​the maintenance, the reliability of the equipment itself through the analysis of factors, determine the scientific maintenance of the project, the preferred maintenance methods to determine a reasonable maintenance cycle, only the necessary maintenance work to make the paver reliable The accuracy of the recovery, while saving maintenance time and costs.
Overhaul (refurbishment) is the most complete and thorough restoration of the original function of the paver on a regular (compulsory) maintenance and maintenance basis, the original design accuracy of the repair. In the actual maintenance due to financial affordability, the scope of the overhaul of the standard definition and other reasons, there is little real repair of the paver repair, but the degree of maintenance depends on the size of the difference.
In the actual use and maintenance of the paver, we feel that most of the paver use units and individuals for the understanding of maintenance ideas vary widely. Specific to the scope of maintenance, maintenance effects, maintenance personnel service work is not the same recognition.
It should be recognized that our country Paver design and production, the past few years began to force forward, and our overall maintenance theory, maintenance tools, maintenance level relative to the old Western developed countries is very backward. In accordance with our experience the same brand of paver in Europe, the normal use of seven or eight years after the overall quality level, not inferior to our country just used 3 years of equipment.
2 reasonable and rich means of maintenance (method)
Repair services, requiring maintenance units have a reliable technical support and means and have extensive experience in maintenance of human, technical data management and other conditions, or can not carry out data monitoring of the paver, not disintegration diagnosis. For the maintenance of the paver, several key links: such as hydraulic system, engine, electrical system and all gearbox all the detection and maintenance work, we have configured a hydraulic tester; engine dynamometer; tachometer; cylinder pressure tester , Fuel injection pump test stand, fuel injector tester, PLC electrical tester. For the detection of gearbox, we use the oil analyzer for qualitative analysis, and then decide whether to further disintegration maintenance. We use the oil analyzer for qualitative analysis, and then decide whether to further disintegration maintenance. In the actual maintenance of the paver, to a large number of special tools, so we configured a full set of machining equipment to help complete a variety of non-standard repair work.
The maintenance staff should strengthen the training of business and professionalism. Maintenance personnel should have a "market awareness, quality awareness and sense of service", to uphold our entrepreneurial spirit "brand service, expert assurance", and earnestly fulfill our commitment to service.
3 strict implementation of the requirements of fine maintenance
Paving machine parts, from the engine, hydraulic, mechanical to electrical, electronic, maintenance process from the power system, lose the material system, walking system, chassis (four-wheel area), the whole car electrical, The appearance of the whole car, ironing system, leveling system, can be described as a multitude of things. Repair paver must have a law to follow, there is evidence to follow. The process of repairing the paver is very important. Through the maintenance process can be set to define the scope of division of labor to define the responsibility to highlight the focus of a principal responsible for the system, a clear reward and punishment.