Talking about Highway Maintenance Technology

Road maintenance is to maintain good road conditions, to extend the service life of the road, to provide a good basis for economic construction services. If the road lack of care, diving, road conditions will soon decline, the road will inevitably blocked. So in the highway construction must attach great importance to conservation work. In the whole road maintenance work, road maintenance is the central link, this is because the road is directly bear the driving load and the natural factors of the structure layer. It is safe, fast, economical and comfortable. Therefore, the quality of road maintenance is the primary object of road maintenance quality assessment.

1 main road disease formation
At present, the road maintenance tasks to road garbage cleaning, road transport facilities maintenance, road cracks, pits, loose, subsidence, fudge and other disease treatment based. If the road disease treatment is not effective or the maintenance of traffic safety facilities is not timely, the disease in the wheel load under repeated effects, to the surrounding spread, broken, dregs, the formation of large areas of the pit, damaged traffic safety facilities will give the vehicle Safety hazards, especially at night caused by vehicle damage and traffic accidents. Highway maintenance technical specifications will be identified as seven types of road disease.
talking about highway maintenance technology
1.1 deformation
Deformation refers to collapse and groove. The formation of subsidence or trenches is caused by permanent deformation of the road caused by compression and shearing. The key reason is that the content of asphalt in the mixture is low and the design load is lower than the actual traffic load.
1.2 Rutting
The rut is caused by the tangential flow and slip of the mixture between the layers. The reason is that the mixture is unstable or tangential load is too large, the role of vehicle tires to form rut.
1.3 crack
The surface of the crack to the surface of the water into the surface layer, into the stability layer, through the stability layer into the roadbed. This significantly reduces the pavement strength and causes pavement deformation, cracking. The road is damaged after the crack. The crack pattern is not the same. The reasons for the formation of road fatigue, overheating and other factors.
1.4 peeling off
Asphalt pavement surface of the polymer off. Affect the smoothness of the road. If the road surface of this damage, will lead to damage to the road waterproof layer, large area damage to the road, a serious impact on traffic traffic.
1.5 wear
The poor quality of the surface layer mixture may be one of the main causes of road wear. Increasing traffic flow also has a certain impact on the road surface wear material can also lead to excessive surface texture damage, so that the road surface adhesion coefficient decreased. Mixing too much asphalt, paving operations produce a strip of bright oil, can also lead to increased wear on the road surface.
1.6 off
Oil grade or asphalt binder weak strength caused by falling off, which will cause the road loose and destroyed.
1.7 potholes
Potholes are due to excessive traffic flow caused by road material damage, the results in the formation of holes in the road, especially after heavy rain, the water through the cracks into the road, easy to form potholes. Water into the road caused by soft, road cracking, load capacity decreased. Fine particles are also discharged to the road surface, so that subgrade load capacity weakened.
2 highway maintenance significance
The timing of the preventive maintenance of the road should be based on the functional performance of the road (in the case of good road surface performance). Highway maintenance managers must understand the time of failure of the road function, in the road function, performance accelerated deterioration before the preventive maintenance. Once structural damage occurs, preventive maintenance is no longer a viable option. Timely adoption of preventive maintenance measures will greatly reduce the traffic delay time and extend the service life of the road, which means saving money and maintaining good road quality. Everything is prerequisite, not pre-waste, preventive conservation as an important means of daily conservation, is a concrete manifestation of scientific conservation, is an effective way to control the pathogen of the road. The implementation of road preventive maintenance, will extend the life of roads and ancillary facilities to lay a solid foundation. The implementation of effective road preventive maintenance measures, for the protection of road assets to play a multiplier effect.
talking about highway maintenance technology
3 road maintenance technology
Highway maintenance and repair is to ensure its quality of service and an important means of life. At present, China's road main road traffic flow, driving speed, its maintenance and repair work should be timely and maximize the implementation of mechanized conservation, both to ensure fast, safe, reliable and as far as possible without interruption of traffic maintenance operations, but also to ensure that the road Maintenance personnel safety, improve work efficiency. Before the treatment of the disease, to conduct a field investigation of the disease.
(1) cracks are the most common diseases of asphalt pavement. For smaller cracks (slit width <6mm), should first sweep the road, remove the dust inside the debris and blowing the net, with a thermostat hot asphalt irrigation joints, and then scraping the plastic scraping the mouth, and finally In the wider cracks (seam width> 6mm), the first crack treatment, and then mixed with a good asphalt sand or fine asphalt mixture Fill the cracks, with tools tamping, baked seal, and then spread the top of the maintenance of fine materials, and finally hand compacted; for the grassroots, roadbed damage or poor drainage caused by cracks, cracks, serious cracks, etc., should first Eliminate the grass-roots or soil-based defects, and then take the method of digging; for no serious cracking or local cracks, can first dig the surface layer, drying to the grass-roots drying, and then repair the pit approach.
(2) Asphalt pavement early wear, aging, net cracking, smooth, loose and other diseases, emulsified asphalt can be used slurry slurry. Slurry seal layer can improve the road surface waterproof, anti-skid, wear and other properties.
(3) subsidence and pits are a local damage to the pavement. The method of digging is to determine the depth and extent of the damaged part and draw the outline of the regular shape. The longitudinal and horizontal lines should be parallel or vertical to the center line. The grooved groove wall should be vertical and cut into the stabilizing part , And the bottom of the tank, the wall removed; according to the actual situation should be used cold mixing (hot asphalt mixing cold material) or fried mixing method, depending on the depth of the pit with single or double layer; Bottom and groove wall evenly brush a layer of adhesive oil, and then fill the concrete and leveling compaction. The new part should be slightly higher than the original road, so that after compaction to maintain the same level with the original road, and in the seams filling oil, ironing. Such as subgrade grassroots damage, should first repair the grass-roots level, to be compaction and then fill the layer. Severe gnawing according to the scope of the patch to dig out the edge of the break, cut into vertical and horizontal section of the formal, and properly dig deep, and then repair the pit approach.
(4) for the small pieces of the package, can be directly tied at high temperatures; due to uneven grass-roots caused by the more serious package can be used to dig the first layer of grass and then do the surface layer; due to road surface caused by serious Of the large package, it should be the surface layer of the digging.
(5) oil is the asphalt pavement with improper oil, asphalt than the formation of a disease. The treatment method is: for the mild pan-oil lot, can be sprinkled 2 ~ 5mm of stone chips or coarse sand, rolling through the car to the non-stick wheel for the degree; for more serious oil-filled areas, should be based on the actual situation 5 ~ 8mm of mineral material, stable and then sprinkle 2 ~ 5mm of stone chips or coarse sand, guide the driving rolling molding; for serious oil-filled areas, should first sprinkle a layer of l0 ~ 15mm. Or thicker debris, Forced into the road with a roller. To be basically stable, and then sprinkle 5 ~ 10mm of stone or coarse sand, driving driving roller forming.
4 control of the construction process and requirements
(1) construction site should strengthen safety management, strengthen safety education, improve safety measures.
(2) maintenance work at the construction of multi-line long, frequent withered equipment, pavement operations machinery as far as possible the use of change the handle live, easy walking, fast wheel machinery.
(3) to strengthen the material temperature control. In the mixing, transportation, paving, rolling and other links, due to the construction of the disorder sequence of complex, so be sure to ensure that the temperature of the asphalt mixture, in close coordination with, to minimize the transport time of the mixture transport vehicles.
(4) conservation should be preferred to use the road surface slurry sealing machine and road milling machine combined Shi, to ensure the efficiency of paving work.
talking about highway maintenance technology
5 earnestly grasp the talent, improve the overall quality of personnel
Modernization of the production of specialized requirements of the higher, it requires practitioners have a higher quality, according to the need for a planned training workers ashamed to improve the quality of existing staff; Moreover, we have to establish a set of effective management system, Everyone can be arranged to the right post.
6 concluding remarks
Road maintenance work determines the use of highway functions and life extension, to protect the road in good condition, has a very important significance, how to do well road maintenance, is placed in front of the highway industry sector a long and arduous task. Highway maintenance must be "prevention, prevention and treatment combined" approach, adhere to the "mechanization of conservation-based, to prevent the suspension of traffic" principle. Therefore, the road maintenance work focused on prevention, focusing on maintenance, focusing on daily inspection and inspection. Only scientific, strict maintenance management, in order to improve the quality of road operations and economic benefits.