Synchronous gravel seal car show their talents

In the hot sun, accompanied by a synchronized cover car rumbling sound of operation, a flat, wide, perfect black asphalt stone under the seal is slowly spread out. Although this section of the road construction difficulties, corners and bridges are more, the construction speed changes, but DOAN synchronous seal car is efficient and stable, to ensure that the next cover of each construction work, its convenient operation, intelligent Construction and high-speed efficiency to win the construction unit of praise.

Equipment Exhibition

synchronous gravel seal car sales market

As DOAN machinery brand products, DOAN synchronous sealing car continued high efficiency, excellent advantages, the car set at home and abroad advanced technology in one, has become a field highway maintenance site in doing the "protagonist". Throughout the construction process, DOAN is responsible for the car after-sales service of technical staff and service personnel adhere to the line, to fulfill the "service" commitment to provide a strong technical training for operators, and before and after the construction of equipment in every possible maintenance , To ensure that its maximum to play the construction effect.
Accompanied by the simultaneous seal car rumbling sound of operation, flat, wide, perfect black asphalt stone under the cover layer presented in front of us
Next, DOAN will continue to improve the product to meet the needs of various road conditions at home and abroad, DOAN conservation machinery of the full range of times officially opened, let us wait and see!