Synchronous chip seal technical essenti

1、 When using the modified emulsified asphalt bonder, make sure the asphalt temperature within 160-170℃,to ensure the vaporific spray to become even, equivalent thickness asphalt film;

2、 Spraying nozzle’s height differs in the asphalt film thickness(the fanshaped vaporific asphalt from each nozzle overlaps differently),then make the asphalt film thickness properly through nozzle height;
3、 Synchronous chip sealer should drive under the suitable speed, thus the distributing rate of the aggregates and the bonders should match;
4、The working condition of synchronous chip seal for the surfacing layer and wearing layer is pavement evenness and strength fulfilled;
5、 Make sure the aggregates diameter range according to the pavement evenness and antiskid requirements. One chip seal is required for common pavements maintenance. Choose proper diameter aggregates as lower seal coat leveling when the pavement evenness poor, then construct the upper seal coat. Chip seal requires 2 or 3 layers as the low graded highway pavement and the aggregates diameter in layers should match so as to embed and squeeze under the principle of down-thick and up-thin.
6、 Before sealing it requires thoroughly clean of the original pavement. During the construction there should be enough tire roller to complete rolling positioning process before the asphalt temperature down or the emulsified asphalt demulsification. Besides it can release traffic after sealing, but the traffic speed should limit during early period. Then it can open traffic fully 2 hours later, thus can avoid the chips splashing of fast driving.