Synchronous Seal Car won the customer

In recent years, DOAN road based on independent core technology, to play the overall advantages, the use of a strong innovation capability, has introduced a thermal oil asphalt from the barrels of equipment, liquid asphalt transport vehicles, intelligent asphalt sprinkler, Layer, modified emulsified slurry seal car, integrated pavement maintenance vehicles, cold recycling machines and other advanced building, road maintenance machinery and equipment, widely used in all parts of the road construction projects. Equipment, advanced performance, reliable quality, the construction effect of the national highway industry has been fully affirmed.

It is understood that in April last year, Baoding City Highway Bureau received a 300,000 square on the road surface seal project. Although the task is not very heavy, but because of the traffic flow in the road section, so the time of construction and construction of high quality requirements. Because there is no extra time to remedy, so the construction must be a standard, otherwise, will cause inconvenience to traffic, it is likely to cause traffic congestion. At that time in order to as soon as possible to maintain the quality and quantity of the section of the conservation work, Baoding City Highway Bureau to do a lot of time when the market research and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the construction site to visit and understand a series of work. The final decision to purchase Xi'an DOAN Pavement Machinery Co., Ltd. production of asphalt gravel synchronous sealing car.
At that time, because the construction period is short, construction quality requirements are high. Faced with such a strange equipment and this new technology, Baoding City Highway Bureau official told the Chinese road network reporter, "the beginning of the construction, we can not help but worry about, after all, each region has each area The actual situation, the terrain, the temperature, and so on, but with the construction of our concerns and worries are gradually disappear.30 million square conservation project is like a test field, we get a lucrative. April this year, the equipment has been purchased, and in November, the equipment has not been stopped. From the beginning of the 300,000 square meters of work to the present has been dry to nearly 6 million square feet, the equipment has never failed due to good sealing effect , Construction speed, has been recognized at all levels of highway departments in Hebei Province.
All along, Xi'an DOAN Pavement Machinery Co., Ltd. are committed to high-end customers design, production of high-performance equipment, fully meet customer demand for production and personalized needs, and focus on reducing customer use costs for customers to create the most value. As a leader in asphalt pavement equipment, Xi'an DOAN Pavement Machinery Co., Ltd. has won the high appreciation and affirmation of its customers by virtue of its "efficient, energy saving and environmental protection" concept and high reliability asphalt pavement construction and maintenance equipment.