Synchronized gravel seal material

1, adhesive material. The leading performance of the synchronous gravel seal technology is high, but there is no particular requirement for the application of asphalt. Different asphalt binders can be used, such as softened pure asphalt, polymer modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, polymer modified emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, etc. Thermal asphalt is mainly due to large-scale sealing.

2, stone. Gravel requires crushing (or hammer crushing) to get the gravel, needle-like stone strictly controlled within 15%, geometric size is better, no impurities and stone powder, crushing value of less than 14%, the stone acid No special requirements, and strictly washed with water. Simultaneous gravel sealing equipment:
Synchronous gravel sealing technology requirements of the equipment: synchronous gravel sealing technology is mainly synchronous gravel seal car, and a synchronous gravel sealant car supporting the main mechanical equipment has more than 50 reprint 1, Stone processing and cleaning equipment 1, 12 ~ 16t rubber tire roller 1, 8t above a water tanker, a road dust removal equipment 1, a small milling equipment. 25t hot asphalt plus (Paul) temperature car 1, (emulsified) asphalt transport vehicles a number of Taiwan. In the use of synchronous gravel seal car, the technology on the operator's requirements are higher, the operator must understand the mechanical working principle, while the operation should be quite skilled, or will not be high quality road.
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synchronized gravel seal material
Synchronous gravel seal car structure and its key technology: synchronous gravel seal car at present there is no product, there is no unit found in the study, but with the synchronization of gravel sealing technology to promote the use of domestic multi-sync The demand for stone seal car will be inevitable. The structural design of the synchronous gravel seal car can be carried out on the basis of the slurry seal car. According to the characteristics of the gravel sealing technology, the synchronous gravel seal car should have the functions of feeding, mixing, paving and metering The The synchronous gravel seal car can be divided into a running chassis section, a working part and a control part from the structure.
The running part of the machine to complete the task of the machine, and support the weight of other parts, requiring the speed of work can be precisely controlled and reach a constant speed; operation part of the operation process to complete the various materials storage, transportation, mixing, paving and other tasks, this Part can be composed of feeding system, mixing system, paving system, power transmission system and so on; control part of the completion of the vehicle speed, feeding speed, a variety of materials measurement, adhesive insulation, mixing time control, The key part of the stone car. In the current asphalt pavement curing technology, emulsified asphalt and modified asphalt production process has been quite mature. The simultaneous gravel seal car can carry out the spraying of the binder and the scattering of the stone at the same time, and must solve some special technical requirements in order to complete some special technical requirements compared with the traditional stone chip sealing equipment.
(1) the design of a reasonable binder spray device to ensure that the spray and its uniformity to accurately adjust and control;
(2) the design of advanced and reasonable asphalt temperature control system;
(3) to accurately adjust and control the amount of rubble and its uniformity;
(4) to ensure that the adhesive spray and rubble to be highly consistent with the spread.