Successfully developed pavement cracks

DOAN road maintenance machinery company road maintenance materials R & D center successfully developed and produced the source of cracks for the construction of special cracks, the provincial highway maintenance technology research institute testing, the technical indicators are in line with quality requirements.

According to reports, the road filling glue is a new type of road materials, with strong adhesion and high elasticity of the heat with the polymerization of sealing materials, widely used in highways, urban roads, airport roads and other asphalt pavement cracks grouting repair And cement concrete pavement sealing treatment; the use of special modified asphalt manufacturing, adhesion, anti-aging ability, can significantly extend the service life of the road; has a strong resistance to water damage, good elasticity, low temperature Still has good operability and so on.
Especially for the road pavement in recent years under the heavy load of vehicles under the action of the phenomenon of increasing cracks, pouring glue material will play an important role.