Study on the Management of Municipal Road and Bridge Construction

With the rapid development of China's economy, urbanization construction has been deepened, and infrastructure construction has gradually become a part of urban development. Timely response to the voice of the masses, the construction of related infrastructure has become a major problem facing urban development in recent years. Among them, the municipal road bridge project is an important member of urban infrastructure construction, with the masses of life and the city's economic development are closely related. How to manage the construction of municipal roads and bridges is reasonable and efficient, which is of great significance to improve the quality of the project, strengthen the safety management, promote the development of urban infrastructure construction and enhance the people's living standard.

The Main Contents of Construction Management of Municipal Road and Bridge
The main contents of the construction and management of municipal roads and bridges include two aspects: First, the management of the corresponding building materials; Second, the management of construction personnel, only these two parts of the management work, the project can be carried out smoothly. For the management of building materials, the relevant departments should arrange management personnel in a timely manner, with the construction of the work of the work process; for the construction staff management, is the need for relevant departments to pay enough attention, because the whole municipal road bridge construction process is relatively long, Long working pressure in the larger environment, while facing a certain work risk, the construction staff of the psychological pressure.
Therefore, in the relevant municipal road and bridge construction management work, only to do the adjustment of the construction staff, in order to further do the whole construction management.
Influencing Factors of Construction Management of Municipal Road and Bridge
Municipal road bridge construction process is facing many factors, it is this series of factors hinder the construction progress, reducing the construction quality. Summary of consolidation and analysis, the impact of municipal roads and bridge construction management factors include the following two points:
One is affected by the construction unit. In the construction of municipal roads and bridges, the construction unit in the management of many problems, leading to the occurrence of many security incidents. For example, due to the lack of management of construction workers, and did not develop a sound construction management system, the lack of understanding of the construction technology, resulting in the construction process of endless problems, to the construction management to bring management difficulties.
The second is affected by the supervision unit. Part of the supervision unit in the construction of municipal roads and bridges due to the lack of supervision and management of construction quality, and supervision of the leadership of their own attitude is not correct, the supervision of the work skills are not enough, resulting in municipal road and bridge construction problems.
Problems in Construction Management of Municipal Road and Bridge
At present, many cities in China in the relevant infrastructure construction work, there will always be one way or another problem, and if these problems can not be a very good solution to the development of the city is very unfavorable, the relevant departments should cause Attention.
3.1 Construction materials quality problems
(1) construction materials to buy unreasonable, poor qualification of suppliers, resulting in a lot of fake pseudo-products into the construction.
(2) construction enterprises for the quality of the material supervision is not enough, the lack of a sound regulatory mechanism, after the admission of materials is not strictly checked and experimental, affecting the quality of construction.
(3) improper storage of materials, often speaking a lot of construction materials stacked together, resulting in some material chemical reaction, lost the original use of performance, does not meet the construction standards.
3.2 lack of management problems
In the municipal road and bridge construction management, will inevitably be omission, because the entire municipal road bridge works are often very large, the construction sites are generally more dispersed, which makes the construction front becomes very long, and this situation, Often for the entire construction management work caused great difficulties, because the construction front is long, the construction point is very scattered, in the construction quality management process, you need to arrange a number of monitoring points, and the construction management staff is Limited, which makes the quality of the project is difficult to get a very good management, the efficiency will be relatively low, the lack of quality assurance.
3.3 The lack of professional management of the problem
With the continuous emphasis on infrastructure construction in various cities, the construction technology of infrastructure has also developed very well, and the corresponding quality requirements of infrastructure construction have been improved, which makes the infrastructure construction more and more Of the pressure, which includes the municipal road bridge construction. However, in the municipal road and bridge construction management related work, many managers for the construction management work is not understood, for the relevant municipal road quality management knowledge is very lacking, this construction workers, construction progress and so on Series of work, are very difficult to play a very good help, both can not help the construction workers to mediate the working state, but also in the construction of the entire project to find a better construction methods to promote the construction process, and the current construction of the management Attention is often the cost of the entire project and the progress of the project, the most important project for the construction of the most critical work can not play a decision-making help.
3.4 lack of perfect quality supervision system
Many cities in the municipal road and bridge works, the quality supervision of the relevant work and there is no very clear provisions in many cities, often only the existence of the relevant oral provisions, so it is difficult to use in the management work, Management is very unfavorable, the management of the construction of the relevant staff can not rely on the relevant basis for management, making its management is often very inefficient. In addition, some local governments for the municipal road and bridge engineering quality supervision is not seriously, serious place, only in the construction site for some symbolic inspection, such as symbolic for some data inspection work for the entire project quality supervision Work can not help without any help.