Staff at high temperatures adhere to the road repair work

At the same time the Lunar New Year, the temperature is reduced by up to thirty degrees Celsius. Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, Kaiyang section of the custody of the road, can be seen everywhere in the protection of workers in the sun in an orderly manner to repair the disease pavement, they seize the weather to carry out minor maintenance work, to protect the road smooth and hard work.

In the open section Ma Qing line K12 + 850 Department, Yuejinqiao conservation station workers are working on the road surface milling operations, thirty degrees of high temperature heat, accompanied by flying dust, conservation workers in the machine and artificial cooperation with the next , Work orderly, the scene presents a busy scene. Yuejin Bridge Maintenance Station workers with a tacit understanding, an afternoon to repair the completion of 8 km road disease milling.
"Today, so hot Oh, you see this sweat dripping" leap forward bridge maintenance workers Wu Xuequan side shovel sand and gravel rubbed his forehead to the neck sweat, but also smiling face to say that the face of hard work environment, no slight burnout And blame them, they show is a tough character and dedication of the spirit, on behalf of the entire road industry, the spirit of front-line workers. It is reported that this summer, Kaiyang small repair maintenance operations to maintain mileage of 189.297 kilometers, repair the road 13037 square meters. To further improve the quality of road access to ensure the smooth flow of roads.