Some Suggestions on Deepening the Mechanization of Highway Maintenance

(1) to strengthen the organization and leadership, to provide mechanization of road maintenance organizations to protect.

Highway maintenance mechanization is of great significance, highway management departments at all levels should be based on its actual situation to establish highway maintenance mechanization organization. Study and formulate the road maintenance mechanization implementation plan (program), a clear road maintenance mechanization of the important significance, specific measures, construction purposes, formed from top to bottom linkage, layers of implementation of the organizational security system.
(2) to increase road maintenance mechanization of publicity and education, changing the ideological concept of workers.
All along, at all levels of highway management agencies, from management to the front line of conservation workers, are too much emphasis on production, machinery and equipment subordinate to the production of a variety of large-scale road maintenance machinery and equipment is unheard of in the concept of the implementation of conservation Mechanization, to obtain a part of the work of workers, conservation mechanization with understanding of the deviation. Therefore, all levels of highway management agencies must increase the road maintenance mechanization of publicity and education, decision-makers and managers to abandon the mechanical equipment "auxiliary" thinking, with the new equipment management philosophy to guide the conservation of production, constantly changing the road workers Of ideas, as soon as possible to keep up with the pace of conservation mechanization.
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(3) to increase the maintenance of the business skills of workers training to improve their skills to perform their duties.
The implementation of road maintenance mechanization requires a large number of operation, maintenance, maintenance and good at operation, management, operation, maintenance and management personnel. With the large number of advanced equipment, which is rich in "high, precise and sharp" technology, continuously enter the road maintenance market, the personnel who use, maintain and manage these "four new" technologies (new equipment, new materials, new technology and new technology) Put forward higher requirements. Coupled with the majority of highway workers, especially the first-line maintenance workers, to master all kinds of road maintenance machinery and equipment of the poor, especially some large, advanced road maintenance machinery and equipment is unfamiliar. Training is more and more important, the highway management department should be equipped with certain training funds, vary from person to person to take all kinds of effective training measures to train workers to master the different machinery and equipment in the shortest possible time so that it can operate a certain mechanical equipment , So as to achieve a good mechanized curing effect.
(4) establish and improve the incentive mechanism for workers, give full play to human resources in highway maintenance mechanization of the role.
And then advanced equipment, but also people to manage the operation, but it should be noted that the value of human beings only in the scientific management system and operational mechanism can really play out. In particular, our road workers, the mechanization of conservation awareness there is a bias, if there is no corresponding incentive incentive mechanism, it will gradually lose the exploration of machinery and equipment, innovation, and even affect the use of equipment. Therefore, the establishment of a sound incentive mechanism for workers, through a variety of measures to mobilize the enthusiasm of front-line workers, to encourage their combination of their own expertise, the actual development of practical small post machinery, operation of certain large and medium-sized equipment. The development of effective, operational skills to enhance the workers to give timely incentives, through material, spiritual and other means to stimulate the enthusiasm of workers to give full play to human resources in the construction of road maintenance machinery in the role.
(5) the establishment of machinery and equipment funding mechanism for road maintenance mechanization to provide adequate equipment resources.
At present, the road maintenance mechanization is the inevitable trend of highway construction, more and more advanced, more suitable for road maintenance of a variety of road maintenance machinery and equipment are also constantly changing. However, its high procurement, maintenance and other costs is also affecting the timely introduction of highway management at all levels of one of the reasons. To protect the smooth road maintenance investment is simply unable to meet the road maintenance machinery equipped with the equipment. The establishment of road maintenance mechanization of funding mechanisms, in the national laws and policies allow the premise, through various means to ra