Small roller running time note

Small-scale roller is now used more and more frequently, the shuttle in all large and small sites, for familiar with the roller operator, the use of skills skills problems are not large, but for the novice there are many places to learn , We visit this interview was located in the small roller production base - Shandong Jining roller manufacturers. The relevant staff of the ramparts told us that the following should be noted in the early stages of the use of small rollers:

1. Wear fast
Because of the influence of the factors such as processing, installation and dispensing of small roller parts, the collision surface is rough and the contact surface area is small, and the pressure bearing surface of the small roller is not uniform. In the process of running the machine, the appearance of the parts of the appearance of some of the chatter conflict, grinding down the metal debris, but also as abrasive, continue to participate in the conflict, more speed parts of the appearance of wear and tear. Therefore, the wear and tear during the simple composition of parts (especially the appearance of cooperation) wear, wear speed. At this time, assuming overloaded work, it may cause damage to parts, pre-injury problems.
2. Smooth bad
It is difficult to ensure uniformity of the cooperation gap because of the small gap between the newly installed components and the difficulty of ensuring the uniformity of the cooperation gap. The smooth oil (grease) is not easy to form a uniform oil film in the conflict surface to stop the wear. And then decline in smooth performance, constitute the pre-wear abnormal parts. Severe will form a fine cooperation in the appearance of conflict scratches or bite the scene, resulting in the onset of the problem.
3. Release is loose
Newly installed parts and components, there are several forms of appearance and cooperation scale deviation, in the early stage, because of the impact, oscillation and other alternating load, as well as heat, deformation and other factors, coupled with wear and other elements, The original tightening of the parts of the release of loose.
4. Seepage to the scene
Because of the loosening of the machine, the vibration and the heat of the machine, the sealing surface of the machine and the pipe joints, etc., will show the leakage of the scene; some forging, processing and other defects in the installation and debugging difficult to create, but because of the process of oscillation , The impact effect, this defect is exposed, expressed as leakage (infiltration) oil (water). Thus, the run-in period simply appears to leak the scene.
5. operation errors and more
Because the structure of the machine, the function can not understand (especially the new operator), simply due to operational errors lead to problems, and even lead to mechanical trouble.