Small ride-on asphalt roller factory

Efficient, reliable, durable, energy-saving is the latest interpretation of the small car drive, and now Shandong small car drive manufacturers to the traditional sales model, moved to the Internet above, the real implementation of the national industry 4.0 call.

Following the pace of urban construction, by the Shandong car-type small road roller manufacturers independent research and development of the road, in the introduction of the market after the access of many users of all ages, its efficient, reliable, flexible, energy and other outstanding performance by the market and the user's highly recognized , As a small economy and practical type of car-driven small roller, there are many bright spots:
1, mainly used for ditch foundation, road, stadium compaction leveling, can also be used to compact the operation of the asphalt surface.
2, the operating radius is small, can work in a narrow area, suitable for trench backfill;
3, equipped with international famous brand HONDA gasoline engine or famous diesel engine, superior performance, easy to start;
4, the use of international brand name SAUER hydraulic transmission unit, stepless speed, before and after walking, for easy;
5, start the mechanical and electrical start, the machine vibration electromagnetic clutch control, operation more easily and easily;
6, the installation of luxury seats, easy adjustment, comfortable work;
7, the use of internationally renowned NSK Bearings, MITSUBOSHI V-belt, to ensure the work of the machine performance;
8, the surface spray, beautiful and beautiful, rust corrosion.
The small car-mounted roller was first introduced in the United Kingdom in the 1980s to produce the first small car-mounted roller. At that time the production of the roller is a very simple structure, the operation is not convenient. In the 1990s, China introduced the British road roller production technology, and then to improve the development of the car-mounted double-roller and cab roller.
At present, the domestic production of small roller manufacturers have more than 30, mostly located in Shandong Jining and other regions. Continue to grow and develop, and gradually become China's small road roller production base.
Driving roller use conditions:
1, highway municipal maintenance for the construction of cement stabilization layer of the layered compaction; groove edge, corner of the asphalt concrete compaction.
2, road construction in the pipe culvert, channel, abutment and other structures backfill, large-scale roller can not work area compaction operations.
3, municipal landscape, real estate residential area landscape, golf course construction in the sidewalk laying, sidewalk pavement compaction
4, other construction area is narrow and the weight of the compaction equipment sensitive construction occasions, can be flexible and efficient to complete the compaction work.