Small multifunctional road maintenance vehicles

At present, the road maintenance tasks to road garbage cleaning, asphalt pavement cracks, pit and other disease treatment based. The accumulation of road trash is not only a serious impact on the road road surface, but also to the surrounding environment caused by pollution, a major part of the highway sector. The asphalt pavement disease due to the treatment is not timely, the disease in the repeated role of the wheel, from the edge began to spread around, broken, dregs, the formation of large areas of the pit, to the past vehicle driving safety risks, especially at night Resulting in damage to the vehicle and traffic accident rate increased, the economic losses are very serious. In order to keep the road in good condition, the road department has invested a lot of manpower and material resources. However, due to the shortage of mechanical equipment, the progress of garbage cleaning and disease repair is slow, which can not only get the disease in time, but also make the future The input of human and material resources, resulting in unnecessary economic losses. Recently, the highway scientific research department based on the current reality, developed a small multi-purpose road curing machine, mainly used for road cleaning and asphalt pavement pits, net crack, bag package and other diseases, are presented below.

Structural features
The machine is based on the agricultural small four-wheel tractor as the main engine, modified hydraulic output interface and oil control valve, through the replacement of different work devices to complete the road cleaning operations and asphalt pavement crushing, digging, packing, compaction and other road repair Engineering, the host can be used as a multi-function curing machine tractor and power source, but also as a commonly used traction and transport tools, with a machine more features.
2 Host
Mainly by the small four-wheel tractor host, hydraulic pump, hydraulic system, hydraulic operation valve, working device suspension mechanism composed of several parts. In order to meet the machine when the hydraulic pump does not work, between the hydraulic pump and drive shaft with a jaw clutch, the hydraulic pump installed in the tractor's original hydraulic pump position, and its connection mechanism for restructuring, in order to more suitable for large flow , The need for high pressure hydraulic systems. The hydraulic tank is located under the driver's seat and is made into an L-shaped rear seat behind the driver's seat. The rear of the tank has an ear ring seat and is a lifting cylinder support for the hanging working device. The operating valve is located next to the driver and is the control element for the operating device to operate or not. The operating valve has three stalls, non-working state of the operating rod in the vacant, hydraulic oil directly through the valve back to the tank, the valve has two power oil output and all the way back to the oil, can drive the two work devices were to work, The two work devices at the same time operating power and lack of traffic and frequent disassembly pipeline problems, there is a great convenience.
3 road cleaning car
The road sweeping vehicle is the general term for the road cleaning device and the host, and the road cleaning device is suspended behind the main engine (see Fig. 1). It is mainly composed of water tank, sweeping, lifting cylinder, rolling operation adjusting mechanism and driving system. The cleaning device is hinged to the main engine oil pan, and the cleaning device can rotate the cleaning device away from the ground by lifting the cylinder, which facilitates the steering and non-working travel of the machine. Sweeps are arranged in a row of rows of rows fixed on the sweeping shaft, with a larger density and a sweeping axis arranged in a spiral line to facilitate the automatic flow of garbage to the shoulder. Water tank and sweeping frame into one, is located in the front of the sweep, the top of the tank with a water nozzle and gas tank directly connected with the host air bag, through the valve switch to maintain a certain pressure within the tank. The bottom of the tank is connected with the water spray pipe, and the nozzles installed in the downward direction of the pipe can ensure that the spray water is sprayed to the ground. The adjustment of the water spray can be adjusted by the throttle valve on the water spray pipe. In order to make the sweep when the sweep can be precisely positioned, that is, when the sweep and the ground contact when the amount of bristles to maintain the same, in the host and the cleaning device between the use of chain links can be changed by hanging different links to reach the rolling operation When the purpose of adjustment. Swept drive using hydraulic motor first-stage chain drive, through the pipeline connection to complete the drive system connection, in order to operate fast and convenient, pipe connection joints are self-styled quick connector.
4 Road marking cleaning device
Road signs cleaning has been a difficult problem to solve, the current signs of cleaning mostly rely on the natural rain washed away self, but the northern region less rain, sand, signs self-cleaning effect is poor, a direct impact on the The reflective effect of the signs and the role of traffic guidance. In order to carry out mandatory cleaning of traffic signs, so that it really play a role in the road machine to add a sign cleaning device,
The device consists mainly of brush body, water nozzle, throttle switch, bar components. The spray pipe is located at the top of the cleaning brush and can be controlled by the throttle switch. Cleaning brush with a soft brush or felt brush, so as not to scratch the sign surface. Brush for the lightweight aluminum pipe, the internal hollow for the water, and can be extended to solve the height of the problem when cleaning.
5 Asphalt pavement repair machine
Asphalt pavement repair machine mainly by the host, crusher, compaction roll, trimming machine and other devices, are used hydraulic power, work as long as the connection can be a good hydraulic pipe.
The breaker is hand-held and pulls the handle on the handle to allow the hydraulic breaker to work. The drill rod can be replaced according to the different use of the crusher. When the asphalt pavement crushing operation is used, the drill rod with large working width is selected, and the tip of the drill rod is suitable when the blasthole is used. It is widely used, One of the indispensable instruments in operation.
Trimming machine is mainly used for the crushing of the pit after the border trimming, so that there is no loose corrugated, to increase the filling with the pavement after the overall adhesion and life. Trimming work can be done before or after crushing, depending on the circumstances. It consists mainly of base, frame, blade, drive motor, cooling water system, depth adjustment mechanism and other components, the structure shown in Figure 3. The motor is connected with the blade shaft and mounted on the frame. The rack is hinged to the rear axle of the base, and the height of the blade is changed by adjusting the screw to change the rotation angle of the frame. In order to make the machine light weight, easy to move, the machine can be used to meet the needs of blade cooling, but must consider increasing the weight of the rack to meet the smooth operation of the machine.
Compressed roller for the hand vibration, hydraulic motor direct drive vibration eccentric shaft for high-speed rotation, vibration frequency 40 ~ 50 Hz, amplitude 0.3 mm, instead of 6 t road to complete the road compaction operations. The motor is located in the compaction roll and is connected by a bearing to the compaction roll frame. The armrest is connected to the frame by means of a shock absorber to relieve the vibration of the handrail.
6 Conclusion
As the host with hydraulic output power, its expansion function more, according to the retrieval of foreign information, the work of the device there are: for the road signs pile into the device and pull out; hydraulic drilling device, the main use Hydraulic pump, for the road water discharge; hand-held hydraulic ramming hammer, for large-scale machinery should not be compacted to a small area of ​​compaction operations. Also in the asphalt spray, trencher and other road maintenance machinery has great development value.