Small asphalt pavement roller

The small type of roller is a kind of equipment commonly used in engineering construction, and the role of the construction process is more and more important. The small roller is a kind of engineering machinery for compaction operation of earth and stone. Mainly used for roadbed and pavement to be compacted, so that it has sufficient carrying capacity, and reduce its permeability. The use of small rollers The above should pay attention to the operating specifications, small rollers have a lot of features to assist the compaction effect of the roller, today to talk about the role of small mud machine muddy device.

Usually have two different structures of elasticity and rigidity. Elastic structure mainly by the scraper, arm, arm with plate, adjust the seat, support shaft or long bolts, shaft seat, lifting lug, hook, left and right springs and other components. The support shaft or long bolt is connected to the chassis beam or frame by means of a shaft seat or bracket. Left and right spin spring, transfer parts and other parts mounted on the support shaft or long bolts. The scraper plate is mounted on the swivel arm and is adjusted by the arm plate to keep it in close contact with or to maintain a certain clearance. It is mainly used for the front and rear wheel of the hydrostatic press. Rigid scraper device mainly by the scraper, scraper legs, fixed frame and other components. The scraper plate is fixed on the scraper leg and the scraper leg is fixed on the chassis beam or box. It is mainly used for the vibrating roller and the small roller before and after the grinding wheel.
The ability of a compact roller to compact the road is a combination of many functions, and the overall function of the small-scale roller is not inseparable from any device and component. A small roller involves a variety of mechanical parts, So in the use of time to consider the issue will not be unilateral, involving the issue to be considered. Especially for a new small equipment, in the run-in period need to pay attention to the problem more.
First of all for the appearance of the equipment, the various components are new, so the surface may be more rough, the surface pressure capacity is not very stable, so the beginning of the operation must pay attention to time and intensity, do not appear Overload operation, otherwise it is easy to wear parts. And the new parts of the machine are generally less between the lubrication, resulting in a small roller running in the wear and tear will be more serious, it is best in the run before the first lubrication point in the smear grease.
New parts of the machine are also prone to loose between, so some nuts to strengthen. Perhaps the operator is an experienced master, but because of the diversity of each small roller, the machine may be the structure of the various aspects of the performance of the master is not so familiar, so it is best to first of this small structure of the road A necessary understanding, re-operation.
In recent years, China's small roller manufacturers continue to perfect product line and improve product performance, in addition, in the road roller product transformation and development, should also value environmental protection, safety, reliability, energy efficient, to improve the social benefits of products. The following is the 2016 China roller industry situation analysis:
Product weight demand for the development of polarization At present, China's road roller industry in the miniaturization of the leap is particularly bulging, and the trend of more large-scale fixed performance in the original road construction, the future of the product tonnage directional poles The development trend. This requires the crane enterprises to increase investment in scientific research, improve research and development capabilities, competing for the introduction of a variety of integrated technology in one; mini-roller. Jining Suo machine in the market competition for the current situation for the development of the times, independent research and development launched a variety of hand-held single-wheeled small-scale compactors, respectively, the whole hydraulic strength of three tons of small cars, weight of a ton of small cars And the strength of two tons of hand-held two-wheel, and a variety of hand-held single round. Its products since the market has been recognized throughout the construction workers throughout the country, a variety of small-scale road to improve the foundation of the building backfill, the building around the outdoor backfill compaction, pipe, groove construction foundation compaction and other construction status. Greatly reducing the use of labor.With the development of society, the use of small roller in the field more and more, and many space does not support large-scale roller machine to open the work, so this work environment is necessary petite, turned naive , The strength of large, energy saving and environmental protection of the emergence of small presses. In the future, small-scale road roller to the intelligent, technology and human development is an inevitable trend. This aspect requires the roller machine business to update the means of development, but also the need for enterprises to have a sense of innovation, and actively exercise the key words to optimize the development of their own products.