Slurry Seal has a good economic and social benefits

1.Slurry seal with good economic results showed that: the cost of preventive maintenance for slurry seal roads are planned, the cost of using more than 20 years without maintenance and then reconstructed to 63% lower than the paved once every 10 years to lower the cost of 55%, and pavement performance is much better.

2.Reduce environmental pollution and improve construction conditions of slurry seal construction from the charge, matching, mixing, paving throughout always operated under normal temperature conditions, emulsified asphalt and gravel materials are no heating, no heavy physical labor, entirely mechanical automatic operation, reduce labor intensity, significantly reduce emissions of harmful substances.
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3.Saving energy with hot asphalt road, the asphalt should generally be heated to 165-170 ℃, unlucky need to re-heating, mixing the mixture with a lot of sand must be heated after drying to 160 ℃. The emulsified asphalt road, just in the production of emulsified asphalt bitumen is heated to 130 ℃, after several unlucky whether or how long to save all without heating. Mixed with aggregate mixture, even in humid conditions, but also mixing, drying without heat. According to statistics, compared with emulsified asphalt roads with hot asphalt to save energy above 50%.
4.Extend the construction season emulsified asphalt slurry seal the surface temperature is above 10 ℃, the construction can be carried out, than the average hot asphalt extended 2-4 months construction time. Construction immediately and the next rain, rain reduce downtime costs to complete the construction tasks ahead, in favor of asphalt pavement maintenance in time to stop the disease intensified and expanded.