Slurry Seal Car Service for Tibet Xigaze Highway Construction Project

DOAN a DN9B slurry seal car sold to Tibet, which is following the seven sets of mixing equipment and a DA-17-type paver stationed in Tibet after another good news! The device is currently being put into the G318 day of the licensing of the United States and the right to engage in the development of the road, commitment to 26 km road construction tasks.

DN9B slurry seal car is DOAN in the absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of their own development and design, manufacturing with the international advanced level of modified slurry seal car. The model is mainly used for high-grade highway preventive maintenance works of micro-surface construction, but also to do the general slurry seal layer can be used for road rutting fill, cold material mixing. Use the equipment for road maintenance, efficient and efficient, short investment return period.
full intelligent high performance slurry seal car
At the just-concluded Shanghai "BMW Show", DOAN's DN9B slurry seal car once again attracted the attention of many customers. Gansu Luyang Highway Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Wei Road Engineering Co., Ltd. at the exhibition site signed a DN9B slurry seal car purchase intention book.