Six rollers assistance the transportation of post-disaster reconstruction

Recently,QingHai province HuangYuan highway engineering construction company is disposable  purchasing six set roller of RD series(DAYD-450,DAYD-600G,DAYS-700G,DAYL-120,DAYL-D120,DAYS-600G),which is affiliated to the QingHai province traffic bureau.  It is helpful to our country construction.The RD series roller is specially designed for compaction of asphalt pavement. And it can compaction all sorts of different material and different thickness of the layer, which is also suitable for pavement,parking lot,airport and other large engineering pavement compaction construction. It can be used for compaction of subgrade and the base material.

Equipment Exhibition

the best roller sales price

Since 2016,Shanghai DOAN machinery technology company is actively response the strategic of our country “MADE IN CHINA  2025” ,“THE BELT AND ROAD” and “MADE IN CHINA + INTERNET”.We have stand in the first position and lead the industry trend of green environment protection when DOAN road machinery business group has completed all the three series switch engine. In order to further speed up the transformation process from the traditional manufacture to service-oriented manufacture and take the initiative to become change vanguard of marketing system.We will try our best strengthen the brand influence continuously and speed up the change in product sales structure,autonomous core technology,professional focus on the construction and the users are satisfied with the service.