Safety of large - scale road maintenance machinery

First, large-scale road maintenance machinery inspection and operation

1. Tamping, stabilization, ballast shaping, rail grinding, screening and other large road maintenance machinery, into the electrification section, must check to confirm the various parts (including loading, etc.) does not exceed the boundaries of locomotives and rolling stock.
2. In the ladder can be climbed to the roof and before and after the pedal, should be coated with "catenary has electricity, prohibit climbing" obvious warning slogans, and keep clear, eye-catching.
3. When running or staying on the electrified railway, the driver's room must be kept in operation, and the skylight of the driver's room must be closed. To
4. In the electrified railway section, it is strictly forbidden to climb to the roof for maintenance, maintenance operations, prohibit the use of rubber hose water flow scouring the vehicle.
5. In the electrified railway section station stay, not boarded the rail car, big machine, camp car and other vehicles at the top or through the top of the line.
 6. Large-scale road maintenance machinery should be closed, the door is strictly prohibited, grabbed, not allowed to detect the body out of the car, are not allowed to slap in the car.
7. Elevated maintenance, to strictly implement the relevant provisions of high altitude operations.
 Second, large-scale road maintenance machinery operations
1. The use of tamping trucks, power stabilizers, rail grinding machines on electrified railways, such as their operating range, does not exceed the upper limit of the locomotive and the distance between the staff (including its range of action) and the live part of the contact line is maintained at 2-4 m , The catenary can be no power outage, but have to contact the net workers on-site monitoring.
2. The use of clean-screen car, ballast truck and other vehicles beyond the limits of the locomotive, the power dispatcher should be made in advance of the catenary power outage applications, power dispatcher issued a power outage order, contact the network installation of temporary ground wire, the construction leaders can be issued Order to start construction; in electrical safety, the construction leaders must follow the contact network workers guidance, the construction of the end of all evacuation, the contact net workers to remove the temporary ground wire, and notify the power dispatcher construction is completed. After removal of the temporary ground wire, all personnel are forbidden to enter the construction site again.
Equipment Exhibition
Safety of road maintenance machinery
 3. Clean the car, ballast truck to pay attention to the signal machine, electrified line contact column and other facilities, affecting the rotation of the conveyor belt operation, if necessary, adjust the rotation angle; after the operation, all parts are not allowed to walk before homing.
4. Strict implementation of the operation, "a door, two Liao Wang, three off" system, such as the adjacent line to find the car, the driver must be a whistle.
5. winter on the train operating attention to non-slip, in case of snow and cold weather is strictly prohibited cap cover.
6. The operation of the group of staff to move the same, moving cars and put down the tamping device, ramming the first whistle before, 5s and then action; car monitoring operations personnel to focus on to prevent the mechanical and tamping area flying ballast wounding.
7. In operation, when the risk of personal, traffic, equipment safety situation, should immediately touch the red emergency stop button.