Rubber synchronous gravel seal car

Rubber asphalt synchronous gravel seal car is the first can be spread rubber asphalt synchronous gravel seal car. The equipment to develop their own design and development, with independent intellectual property rights can be sprinkled rubber asphalt, hot asphalt, hot modified asphalt, diluted asphalt, emulsified asphalt synchronous gravel seal car, for highway surface, bridge waterproof, under the seal The gravel seal process in the layer. The spraying of the asphalt binder and the spreading of the aggregate are carried out simultaneously so that the asphalt binder and the aggregate have the most sufficient surface contact to achieve maximum adhesion between them. The outer wall of the equipment is made of stainless steel frosted plate, the middle of the insulation filler, the internal by the heating tube and thermal oil coil composition, in the asphalt tank with a strong mixing device to meet the rubber modified asphalt sprinkler. (Patent number: 200520078498X); tank outside the additional gas control valve group, to achieve the size of the asphalt in the pipeline cycle, to avoid the asphalt local overheating, aging. Control part of the use of radar, the encoder were accurate detection speed, asphalt pump speed, to ensure that the sprinkler accuracy, including radar, encoder and the main circuit switching components are imported components. Set the amount of cloth, the PLC automatically calculate the speed and pump speed, to achieve the automatic control of the sprinkler.

Equipment Exhibition

rubber synchronous gravel seal car

Key Benefits:
    1, the device is fully used electrical control, high degree of automation, automatic control of the sprinkler frame, sprinkler telescopic length, can accurately calculate the equipment in the construction process asphalt spray and the amount of stone scattered;
    2, the door control using angle sensor, to ensure the accuracy of equipment cutting;
    3, reducing the construction of labor intensity, saving human resources, reduce construction costs, improve work efficiency, quality of work;
    4, the whole operation is stable, spread evenly, can be free to adjust sprinkle asphalt sprinkle width;
    5, a good insulation to ensure that the insulation performance index ≤ 20 ℃ / 8h, and corrosion and durable;
    6, you can spray a variety of asphalt media, spread from S3 ~ S15mm stone;
    7, the equipment used in the processing of high precision nozzles, so that each nozzle spray consistency and spraying effect is fully guaranteed;
    8, the overall operation more humane, with remote control, but also on-site operation, to the operator has brought great convenience;
    9, through the electrical control and hydraulic system constant pressure device of the perfect combination to achieve a zero start spray;
    10, the machine after several times to improve the construction work, reliable performance, easy operation and maintenance, cost-effective.
Simultaneous gravel seal car Products: Simultaneous gravel seal car can be sprayed asphalt and sprinkle aggregate, can be sprayed: rubber asphalt, hot (modified) asphalt, diluted asphalt, emulsified asphalt and other asphalt; can also be used The construction of the new road under the seal, the bridge waterproofing layer construction, cement pavement white to black waterproof layer construction, as well as asphalt pavement preventive maintenance of the wear layer construction.
Simultaneous gravel seal car is to make the construction of the asphalt spreading and aggregate spread in the same equipment at the same time simultaneously, the two construction processes are combined together intelligent new construction machinery. The equipment integrates the advantages of intelligent asphalt sprinkler and fully automatic gravel spreading machine, as well as the following:
    (1) the whole car with only one main engine, make full use of the main engine of the additional power, effectively improve the resource utilization;
    (2) the entire computer control asphalt spraying device to ensure that the amount of cloth and its uniformity to accurately adjust and control;
    (3) the design of advanced, reliable, efficient and reasonable temperature heating control system, can be spread with different asphalt viscosity of the asphalt binder;
    (4) automation and precise adjustment and control of the amount of gravel sprinkle and its uniformity, and the amount of asphalt sprinkled with the amount of rubble are not affected by the speed;
    (5) synchronous asphalt and stone spreading construction, shorten the combination of the two time interval, in the most reasonable time to obtain the best bonding effect.
    (6) built-in mixing device, not only can sprinkle emulsified asphalt, diluted asphalt, matrix asphalt, modified asphalt, but also sprinkle rubber (powder) asphalt.