Routine maintenance method for roller

Roller is a self-compacting machine, how to routinely and effective maintenance of the roller, you know? First, the gearbox maintenance 1. Gearbox cleaning at least once a quarter. In the hot ... roller is a self-compacting machinery, how to carry out routine and effective maintenance of the roller, you know?

First, gearbox maintenance
1. The gearbox is cleaned at least once a quarter. To be cleaned in the hot state, the tank of lubricating oil released, the box filled with kerosene, low-speed operation of the gearbox for 2-3 minutes, after parking the kerosene clean, clean the oil plug and screwed to the gearbox, and then add New lubricants, added to the oil level to the dipstick mark line.
2. Gearbox with No. 20 gear oil.
3. The gears of the shift mechanism and the commutation mechanism must always be inspected and adjusted to keep the gears in place so as not to cause the escape accident.
4. Always pay attention to check the seal of the transmission seal, if the seal is damaged to be replaced.
5. Always check the gearbox and the frame coupling bolts, if necessary, tighten, do not let loose off.
Second, the hydraulic system maintenance
1. Check the filter, valves, motors, pumps, cylinders and other installation bolts are loose, the joints are oil.
2. Observe the oil level gauge on the side of the tank. When the hydraulic oil is too small, add the same grade of filtered hydraulic oil.
3. Hydraulic tank half a year to clean and change the oil, add or change the oil, be careful not to impurity dirt mixed into the tank, add or change the new oil must be filtered in advance.
4. Hydraulic oil with No. 68 anti-wear hydraulic oil.
5. The hydraulic oil filter should be cleaned or replaced after 500 hours of use.
Third, the vibration wheel maintenance
1. Vibrating wheel every 1000 hours to replace the oil, at any time to check the vibration wheel oil leakage, oil change should pay attention to clean, lubricants with CD grade 30 diesel oil.
2. Lubrication and maintenance of travel bearings should be used in the machine after an average of 20 days, in the corresponding position of the oil cup with a sufficient amount of calcium matrix grease.
Fourth, the main clutch maintenance
1. The main clutch in addition to always pay attention to adjust its operating mechanism, but also should pay attention to check and adjust the three separation rods in the same plane in the same plane, and to maintain a certain gap with the separation bearing (0.4 ~ 0.7 mm).
2. When the main clutch is engaged and disengaged, it should be gentle and gentle. In the operation, it is necessary to prevent the clutch from being in the semi-clutch semi-engaged state, so as not to burn the clutch.
3. Always check the main clutch to avoid contamination of the surface of the friction plate and platen.
Five, side drive maintenance
 Side of the transmission susceptible to dust and dust contaminated, should always pay attention to check the lubrication of the situation, regularly remove the dirt on the gear, and coated with a new layer of calcium-based grease.
Six, battery maintenance
1. If the battery is used improperly, there will be high voltage when charging, discharge voltage is very low phenomenon, and found in the plate outside the white "acid salt." Acidified batteries, the light can be used after a small current 1-2 times after the charge can be restored to normal.
2. Check the battery pack with the acid hydrometer to see if the battery is fully charged.
3. Under normal conditions, the generator of the diesel engine is sufficient to make the battery fully charged, but in the winter, the battery pack should pay attention to often keep full of state, so as not to freeze.
4. In order to avoid hardening of the battery electrode, to produce sulfate scale, the battery is in a discharge state shall not exceed 24 hours and should be charged, if not used for a week in a single charge to the battery until the bubbles fully developed.
The surface of the battery must be kept clean, while if dust or electrolyte flowing, preferably clean with 10% ammonium chloride solution or alcohol soaked cloth.