Roller Working On Slopes

Take a good seat belt

When working on slopes, avoid sidehill travel whenever possible … rather operate up and down the slope.Remember the danger of sliding and/or tipping on steep slopes is always present … regardless of how heavy or “stable” your machine may appear to be. ALWAYS use seat belts IF your machine is equipped with a ROPS.

NEVER allow the engine or machine to overspeed
When climbing or descending steep grades,ALWAYS select the proper gear BEFORE starting on the slope, to assure adequate power or engine breaking. If your machine has a gear shift, select a low gear. If your machine has a hydrostatic drive, the speed control should be in the slow travel position, close to neutral … NEVER in the fully displaced position.
Equipment Exhibition
asphalt pavement double steel roller
On machines that have a gear shift AND a hydrostatic control, BOTH controls must be in their slow travel position.ALWAYS be sure that manually operated gear type transmissions are fully engaged BEFORE starting onto a grade. DO NOT attempt to change the gear selection while traveling on a grade.