Roller Prepare For Safe Operation

Carefully inspect machine whether damage

Before starting, carefully inspect your machine for any evidence of physical damage such as cracking, bending or deformation of plates or welds. Check for cracking or flaking of paint, which may indicate an excessive strain or dangerous crack in the material below. Check for loose, broken or missing parts such as Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) support brackets, vibration isolators, and nuts and bolts. If potentially serious problems are found, do not operate the machine until appropriate repairs are completed.
Check the level of all fluids
Check the level of all fluids … brake, transmission, power steering, engine coolant, hydraulic system, and others. Fill low reservoirs only to the proper level.
Check the various systems (hydraulic, cooling, etc.) for leaks. Inspect all plugs, filler caps and fittings for tell-tale signs of leaks.ALWAYS use a flashlight or shielded trouble light when checking … Never an open flame. Repair any leaks, or have them repaired by authorized service personnel. 
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Check the fuel level
If low, fill the tank with the proper grade of clean fuel before extended operation. A stalled or faltering engine can result in a real hazard when operating on grades, in traffic or in heavily congested areas. NEVER smoke when checking fuel level or refueling.