Roller Machine Description and Intended Use

Dual drum ride on roller configuration Introduction

This machine is a dual drum, ride-on roller. It consists of an articulated frame onto which is mounted a gasoline or diesel engine, a fuel tank, a hydraulic tank, a water tank, a hydrostatic drive system, two steel drums containing internal eccentric weights, and an operator’s platform with a ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure). The engine powers the hydraulic systems that provide machine movement and drum vibration. The vibrating drums smooth and compact the work surface as the machine moves. Machine speed, direction, and vibration are controlled by the operator from the operator’s seat on the platform.
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Road compaction equipment supplier
Equipment use
The machine is designed as a lightweight roller to be used in the compaction of sublayers and finish layers of asphalt on roads,driveways, parking lots, and other types of asphalt-covered surfaces. 
Equipment precautions
This machine has been designed and built strictly for the intended use described above. Using the machine for any other purpose could permanently damage the machine or seriously injure the operator or other persons in the area. Machine damage caused by misuse is not covered under warranty.