Road maintenance management strategy

1, conform to the development trend of high-grade highway and industrial characteristics, in the establishment of high-grade highway maintenance management system priority given to the principle of centralized reunification
Concentration refers to the concentration of leadership, requiring the implementation of strict hierarchical management; unified mainly refers to the high-grade highway maintenance management to a unified standard, unified planning, unified scheduling. Conform to the requirements of the socialist market economy, vigorously cultivate and open high-grade highway maintenance market, and truly achieve the separation of custody. To achieve the maintenance and management of employment mechanisms and employment approach to socialization, road maintenance and repair to the construction market, through the tender selection of construction teams, the establishment of conservation engineering competition mechanism, conservation projects from the form of planning tasks to the form of contract management to adapt to high The characteristics of highway maintenance works.
2, specialization of the conservation team
Only the staff capable, comprehensive technology, well-trained, mechanical equipment, security measures complete professional maintenance team, in order to complete a variety of high-grade highway emergency repair work. To achieve the transformation from the experience to the expert system type, the quality of conservation standards from the "good road rate" indicators to the level of comprehensive service level changes. (PMS), bridge management information system (BMS) and maintenance and repair engineering expert decision-making system; the adoption of internationally accepted service industry class star evaluation criteria, the development of high-grade highway maintenance management database, give full play to the road management information system (PMS) The use of high-grade highway capacity and service level of comprehensive evaluation.
3, to strengthen the government on the road industry supervision
The government should develop the corresponding operation of high-grade highway maintenance technical standards, operating procedures and norms, conservation operations to implement social supervision, government supervision. On the new high-grade highway design and construction, clearly defined the requirements of conservation management. Mandatory design of the maintenance of technical reserves, the development of the corresponding road maintenance program, emphasizing the construction defects in the construction period of the construction unit maintenance responsibility and obligations, the use of legal and economic means to restrain.
4, to promote the use of new technologies, new materials, new technology, improve road durability, extend road life
The use of high-tech detection technology to promote the project quality monitoring and intelligent road maintenance, through the use of high-precision sensors, radar technology, RS technology and other high-tech means to achieve manual detection to the development of automated testing, damage detection to nondestructive testing technology development Road quality testing, assessment and disease analysis more quickly, so that road maintenance more reasonable economy. The following are the same as the "
Correctly establish the "road construction is the development of road maintenance is the development of" point of view, is our work in the road maintenance and management of the fundamental starting point. We should study the countermeasures of modern highway maintenance and management from the height of the sustainable development strategy of the highway, deepen the reform of the existing road maintenance system and operation mechanism, and get out of a new road which is suitable for the highway and highway industry in China.