Road four-color conservation technology

 "Four-color" curing technology refers to the ecological environmental protection and material recycling technology (green), rapid curing technology (orange), winter conservation technology (white) and night maintenance operations technology (black) abbreviation.

(1) eco-friendly and material recycling technology (green conservation). With the increasing number of highway infrastructure, the traditional extensive road maintenance engineering technology has become increasingly unable to meet the requirements of the transportation industry, resource conservation, material recycling, energy saving, protection of the ecological environment, to prevent road pollution And other green low-carbon conservation technology has become China's road maintenance project implementation of the mainstream trend. According to the national development of circular economy and energy conservation and emission reduction of the overall requirements to promote the recycling of road materials as the focus, accelerate the development of green low-carbon road maintenance technology and technology, reduce conservation energy consumption, and promote the rapid development of green low-carbon conservation industry. Resource conservation and material recycling technology Pavement regeneration technology applications, the use of waste rubber, garbage sorting, etc .; low-carbon energy-saving technology at room temperature mixed pavement technology, warm mix asphalt technology, energy-efficient lighting, green energy.
(2) rapid maintenance technology (orange conservation). Many sections due to traffic pressure, maintenance operations do not allow a long time to close the traffic, the need for rapid maintenance operations. This requires a combination of design techniques, material design and construction process requirements to emphasize the use of shorter operating time technology, highlighting a "fast" word. Such as the road structure overhaul and reinforcement, the traditional method is to use semi-rigid materials, but need a longer period of health, when the use of asphalt crushed stone (LSPM) material, the entire duration can be reduced by more than 80%; Maintenance, the traditional irrigation technology needs slotting, cleaning, heating, filling and other processes, more time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the use of self-adhesive patch belt, curing time can be reduced by 90%, the actual operation, curing a crack , Just wait for a traffic light time, greatly improve the efficiency of the traffic to the lowest, like lightning as fast, so called orange conservation.
(3) winter curing technology (white conservation). The road of winter conservation more and more people pay attention to the road maintenance of the winter there are three needs: First, in addition to snow and ice. At present, all kinds of deicing and snow equipment from the traditional to efficient, intelligent change, coupled with a variety of new environmentally friendly application of snow melting agent, in addition to the effect of snow and ice is getting better and better. The second is anti-frozen, the road in addition to snow and snow from the passive to the initiative to prevent the transformation, the use of some new additives, reduce the freezing point of the road, so that the road is not frozen or easy to get off the ice and the road, The Third, the disease maintenance, mainly refers to the pit repair and crack curing, due to advances in material technology, there are some cold fill material can be in the low temperature construction, breaking the road without winter conservation tradition. Especially the cracks in the conservation, the winter cracks are the widest, is the best time to prevent conservation, the new low-temperature, self-adhesive seam with the emergence of cracks in the winter to provide a new way of conservation.
(4) night maintenance operations technology (black conservation). Many sections are subject to objective conditions, during the day can not carry out road repair or preventive maintenance operations, only at night construction. Night construction will bring many problems, such as construction organization, traffic guide, live lighting, quality control, construction safety and inspection and acceptance and other aspects of the management and technical requirements in the special requirements, Beijing and other places on the night maintenance of construction operations Have a wealth of practical experience, such as the West Chang'an Street 2014 road overhaul works, that is, to take the 23 o'clock the next day at 6 pm construction, normal passage during the day.
Social development, technological progress, the concept of innovation and work objectives are endless, the requirements of the road maintenance work is also the case, we need to practice in practice, constantly know, constantly sum up, continuous innovation, and constantly improve to continue to promote the road Maintenance of technological progress, and constantly improve the public transport capacity of road transport network. Truly embodies the "people-oriented, car-based, road-based" concept, and to build "Chang, An, Shu, the United States," the road traffic environment.