Road Gravel Seal Technology

A gravel seal is a mixture of graded aggregate and high float emulsion. It is applied as a protective layer to the surface of bound and unbound roads to preserve the structure of the roadway, restoring surface conditions and increasing service life. By reducing pavement distresses, gravel seals create a safer and more stable surface for vehicles to travel on. Gravel seals reduce the need for regular maintenance, providing you with significant savings over the life of your roadway.

We design each gravel seal based on the local gravel supply and the conditions of each specific road. This approach maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment, reducing the frequency of future maintenance.
On Paved Roads
Gravel seals are used as a wearing course to extend the life cycle of the roadway and restore surface properties. Benefits of a gravel seal on paved roads include: Restored surface texture.Reduced water infiltration,Increased skid resistance.
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On Granular-Base Roads
Gravel seals can be used on granular-base structures, such as gravel roads, to improve texture and create a safer, bound surface. Benefits of gravel seal on granular structures include:No washboarding or rutting due to erosion,Improved texture,Surface stability,Increased skid resistance,Increased travel speed,Dust suppression,Reduced maintenance costs.
Gravel Seal with FiberMat
The benefits of gravel seal are enhanced when combined with FiberMat.FiberMat is a stress-absorbing membrane composed of polymer-modified asphalt emulsion and fiberglass strands. When combined with FiberMat, gravel seals perform more effectively and takes on additional benefits, including:Increased membrane flexibility,Delayed reflective cracking and surface defects,Sealing of small cracks,Pothole reduction,Increased tensional strength.