Road Construction Machinery irrigation sewing trends

According to the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Transport will continue to expand the scope of highway construction market, combined with recent years, as infrastructure continues to expand and innovation, has become the path of pressure today to be considered a top priority, and sealing machine (GD5X-120 and GD5X-350)large-scale machinery equipment manufacturing industry embarked on a mainstream, the road to the pressure brought symbolic solution, under the current situation in the near future and vigorously promote the new urbanization, irrigation sewing machine engineering industry demand will surge. However, with the increase in construction machinery products have increased the difficulty of construction and engineering projects, the future of construction machinery market competitiveness has also been strengthened. Thus, the strong market challenges, to meet current construction conditions and efficient construction machinery in order to gain market acceptance. The crack sealing machine in the future development direction of the road will gradually clear.

1、Energy Saving 

Now, environmental issues have become increasingly serious. At the same time, the proportion of pollution construction equipment industry is large. And China is the world's largest construction site, therefore, emissions irrigation sewing machine has become a great burden. Strengthen the implementation of environmental protection in the country today, environmentally friendly irrigation sewing machine needs to become the focus. Moreover, China's environmental pollution has to a certain extent, environmental governance is not only in the present, in the future is a top priority, fully functional, stable performance is municipal, ideal for highway conservation center Treatment pavement cracks.

China's energy and environmental protection engineering machinery industry will face important opportunities. In recent years, launched a series of new products, energy saving and environmental protection has become an important strategic development direction of construction machinery enterprises. Whether it is from the reduction of environmental burden, or break the external trade barriers and other considerations, energy saving and environmental protection of the road will become a mainstream trend irrigation sewing machine development.
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2、Smart and Efficient
Crack sealing machine in the engineering machinery industry, the use of intelligent manufacturing technology can not only ensure the stability of product quality, improve labor productivity, improving working conditions and labor intensity, but also to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to get rid of product homogeneity competition, improve product brand value. Our irrigation sewing machine from big to strong changes, it is from the traditional to digital mechanization and automation of change. On intelligence products and production of intelligent roads, irrigation sewing machine face international competition in the domestic market of the brutal situation and new technologies, new processes challenge the survival and development must be addressed to market, the best quality, the lowest cost, best service, to achieve the purpose of intelligence, therefore, engineering irrigation sewing machine and intelligent way, there must be a period of continuous exploration and innovation process, irrigation sewing machine intelligent trend gradually clear form.