Reinforcement of Subgrade Pavement Maintenance Soft Soil Foundation

Replacement method, which is more common in the reinforcement of a method, due to a certain soft soil foundation defects, so for a period of soft soil foundation replacement, most of the texture is relatively hard for some of the material, In the reinforcement of the link to reduce the difficulty. Under normal circumstances can be used gravel, lime replacement replacement process will have a lot to pay attention to. For example, not every construction is suitable for the replacement method, according to the actual situation of the construction for compliance with the standard, and can play a reinforcement of the project can use this method.

Bagged sand, sand and reinforcement and sand cushion treatment method, is the main form of soft soil foundation drainage reinforcement treatment. Bag sand and law, is to meet the requirements of the sand into the water permeability of a good woven bag, and then use the equipment into the sand into the soft ground.
Plastic drainage board method
Plastic drainage board method is a relatively fresh term, currently being widely used. For the use of the direction of soft soil and groundwater is higher in the area of ​​the foundation treatment. This reinforcement method has obvious advantages of its own, concentrated in the texture is light, good strength, drainage area is relatively large and so on.
Mechanical rolling and tamping method
In the soil, moisture in a variety of forms exist in the soil, when subjected to a huge external force, the soil can be squeezed out of excess water, so that the density of the soil to increase the effect of strengthening the foundation. Mechanical rolling and compaction are the use of this principle to reinforce the foundation. For mechanical rolling and tamping, according to the experimental data obtained by rolling and tamping the process to determine the rolling and tamping the intensity, scope, frequency and other factors.
In the process of soft foundation treatment, select a reasonable processing technology on the treatment effect has a great relationship. In the choice of soft foundation treatment technology, we should consider the roadbed condition, road nature, construction environment and the location of the construction section and other factors, the roadbed situation is an important reference factor to choose the soft foundation treatment technology, in the soft foundation treatment process, if Subgrade soft soil layer is shallow, generally with the surface treatment method can be, and the important building structure foundation commonly used cushioning method. If the subgrade soft soil is thicker, it should be treated with surface treatment technology in conjunction with other technologies. If the subgrade soft soil layer is thick and there is no sand layer, then the consolidation settlement takes a long time, generally using the consolidation drainage method. In the case where the stable foundation is not applicable, the dynamic compaction method is often used.
Due to the nature of the road, the treatment technology chosen in the soft foundation treatment process is not the same. For the lower level of the road, you can lay a simple pavement, until the end of the road after the settlement, and then lay a formal road, so that both meet the requirements of this level of highway standards, and can save a lot of money; For hierarchical highways, the height and width of embankments are the key factors in the selection of soft foundation treatment technology.