Principles of daily maintenance of expressway engineering

1, adhere to the principle of preventive conservation

Highway road, the preventive maintenance of the bridge is essential. Especially in the road, the high incidence of bridge disease that spring, before the rainy season, if not timely implementation of preventive maintenance, to the high incidence of disease is often difficult to achieve timely maintenance, and will be put into greater human and material resources, but also difficult to obtain Good maintenance effect. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the daily inspection and inspection, in the road, bridge disease in the initial period to carry out maintenance and repair, to avoid further expansion of the disease, in order to achieve economic savings and ensure timely conservation objectives.
2, regularly carry out road, bridge detection
Regularly carry out road and bridge testing: First, the system to collect technical data within the bridge section, reported to the provincial bureau to establish a highway bridge database for the maintenance of the bridge maintenance management to provide a scientific basis. Inspection to determine the extent of damage to the bridge and the actual carrying capacity of the damage to the bridge for the safety assessment, to ensure the safe and smooth highway. The second is to understand the performance of expressway pavement performance, the implementation of dynamic tracking management of the road. The three basic indicators of the road: deflection, flatness, rut and tectonic depth (friction coefficient) to detect the whole line, through the above basic work on the highway maintenance management has a very important guiding significance.
Intelligent highway engineering daily maintenance equipment
3, adhere to the road, bridge conservation as the focus
Bridges, pavement is to ensure the safety of the highway smooth the first condition. With the highway life, traffic flow increases. Especially overrun, overloading vehicles seriously damaged, highway bridges, pavement of various diseases a large number of technical indicators fell sharply. And even produce safety hazards, it must be bridge, road maintenance as the focus.
4, to ensure the timeliness of project maintenance
As the highway with high speed, large capacity characteristics, daily maintenance projects, road disease maintenance and crash protection fence repair, green and other projects to ensure timely and efficient. At the same time, for all kinds of emergencies, the project conservation department to establish a set of all-weather rapid response mechanism, the development of appropriate emergency measures, on call, at any time repair, to ensure smooth highway. The
5, to strengthen safety education, to ensure that no responsibility for the accident
As the maintenance operations are mostly in the state of the implementation, with a certain degree of risk, we must strengthen the safety education, attention to safe production. Maintenance personnel need to dress on the road operations; road construction and placement of traffic safety signs and facilities; construction vehicles should have safety warning signs, to ensure the safety of construction operations.
6, concluding remarks
The role and characteristics of expressway determines the importance and particularity of expressway maintenance and management. How to do a good job of highway maintenance and management, is placed in the highway management and business enterprises in front of a long and arduous task. Correctly establish the "road construction is the development of road maintenance is the development, but also more important development"
Of the point of view, we are engaged in highway maintenance and management of the fundamental starting point. In order to meet the requirements of the establishment of the socialist market economy in our country, we must study the modern highway maintenance and management strategy from the height of the sustainable development strategy of the highway to meet the public welfare of the expressway and the socialization of the commodity. Highway maintenance system and operational mechanism, out of a suitable for China's road business continues to move forward the new road.