Practical Application of Emulsified Asphalt in Highway Maintenance

 Paving the road with emulsified asphalt itself is a step forward, first of all, emulsified asphalt can make better use of petrochemical resources, and can increase the road friction and durability. Emulsified asphalt road is a good choice. But the asphalt sprinkler in the conservation process should pay attention to what?

Can not passively wait for the road after the repair and then repair, on the one hand to increase the cost of conservation, a lot of vehicles on the road itself will wear on the road, there are some artificial, such as overloading, sand trucks and other vehicles do not run, There are some spontaneous combustion reasons, the wind and rain will have spontaneous combustion loss. It is believed that the use of emulsified asphalt, the use of new technology for preventive maintenance is to improve the level of conservation, to ensure the integrity of the road to reduce the cost of conservation and effective way. I plant the production of new asphalt sprinkler in the actual road maintenance was well received, the structure is simple to use, high price is the customer friends alike.