Performance and Function of Chip Sealer

Chip seal has good anti-skid performance and impermeability performance, can effectively cure the road lean oil, drop particles, minor cracks, rutting, subsidence and other diseases, mainly for road preventive maintenance and corrective conservation, as well as to improve the high-grade road anti-skid performance,both the expressway and the common road can use this new technology, in France and Europe more than 95% of the roads are using chip seal for road maintenance.In addition, the synchronous gravel seal can also be used as a low level highway surface layer. The main properties of the chip seal are:    

(1)chip seal is essentially a certain thickness of the asphalt film (1-2mm) bonded ultra-thin asphalt gravel surface treatment layer,the overall mechanical characteristics of the road is flexible, can increase the crack resistance of the road, cure the road turtle crack, reduce the road reflection cracks, improve the road surface impermeability, for road maintenance can extend the road life of more than 10 years, if the use of polymer Modified binder effect better;

(2)The rough surface of the chip seal layer greatly improves the friction coefficient of the original road surface, and the smoothness of the road surface can be restored to a certain extent.
(3)Through the local multi-layer paving different sizes of stone construction methods, chip seal can effectively cure more than 10cm deep rut, subsidence and other diseases, which can not be compared by other methods of conservation ;
(4)The chip seal can be also used as a low - grade highway transitional pavement to alleviate the serious shortage of highway construction funds;
(5)Chip sealing process is simple, the construction is fast, the traffic can be opened timely and speed.
(6)Whether using the road maintenance or as a transitional road surface,  the price ratio of chip seal performance (service life) is significantly better than other table method, which can greatly reduce the road maintenance and repair costs.
In short, chip sealing technology is a cost-effective and conservation technology, it is suitable for a variety of highways, traffic and climate, can be used for highways, primary and secondary roads, urban roads, villages And suburban roads.