Paver set off a practical smart wave

The era of conservation and environmental protection of the economic point of view of the people, highway construction has gradually from the complete destruction of the building to 'to support the main, to protect the first' conservation concept. Thus, the new road maintenance technology and conservation technology has been unprecedented attention and vigorous development, with new technology, new ideas as the basis and the core of conservation machinery encountered new opportunities and challenges.

In line with this trend, DOAN road launched a small intelligent paver RP453L: a set of intelligent and practical one of the multi-functional paver. Flexible venue conversion and narrow overall structure of each other, continue to challenge the park, community and tree-lined trails of the narrow construction conditions, lush flowers on the roadside there will always be a paver figure.
Equipment Exhibition
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Independent drive of the feeding system with unilateral free control of the hopper combination, so that the fence and flower beds do not become a road construction obstacles. A new upgrade of the three engines and a comprehensive upgrade of the electrical control system so DOAN "ingenuity. For your wisdom," the design concept to get the perfect play.
The vehicle-driven system uses the electrical proportional control technology, and is equipped with self-differential function design, so that the paver driving ability is higher, the driving speed is more stable, the climbing ability is stronger. To customer demand-oriented research and development concepts, and constantly adapt to changes in market demand. RP453L supporting single vibration taut scalable screed to ensure the quality of road construction at the same time, stepless adjustment paving width of a key to complete, electric and gas two kinds of heating options free to do the production cost, work mode multi-directional switch.