Pavement disease repair work successfully completed

Recently, Yunnan Province Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Deqin County Highway Management Section under the jurisdiction of the G214 line road disease repair project has been fully completed, as of May 26, 2017, completed the section of the road section G214 line K1760 (barrier river) -K1963 ( Nizi fork in the road) a total of more than 200 kilometers of road disease repair, co-treatment turtle, net crack 9245 square meters, a single crack 22970 meters, pit 41015 square meters.

 It is understood that, in order to ensure the smooth progress of road disease repair work, Deqin highway management section at the beginning of the year on the whole line of custody section of a comprehensive point by point, paragraph by paragraph, line-by-line situation detailed investigation thoroughly, from April on the road turtle net Crack, a single crack for scraping oil cover, irrigation joints, and to repair pavement disease, stable road conditions as a focus on conservation work. During the construction process, the maintenance personnel should not wait, take the initiative to give up the rest day to work overtime, and actively organize the deployment of small maintenance machinery and equipment, with road repair materials, go all out to repair pits and other diseases, to protect the area well, safe and smooth , For the public safe travel provides a good service.