Pavement Seal and Jet Patch

1.Cape sealing;

Cape seal is a combination of stone chips overcoat layer of slurry seal. This sealing layer has a smooth surface features,there is a layer of soft stone under a layer of soft overcoat.This slurry seal having a surface layer at the same time, in order to continue to develop favorable conditions for reduce mitigation portfolio cracks created 
Cape seal pavement layer using Treatment methods which are often used in South Africa and the United States. In South Africa, this method first used at road construction applications, now has been applied to the main freight road maintenance, rebuilding . Currently, in the United States on residential streets and main trunk roads are also using this method.
1.1 economical efficiency
Cape seal coat slurry seal is high cost than individual overlay or stone chips(DAS-3000,DAS-6000 and DAS-3500B), however, this sealing layer is very wearable. The large aggregate in chips overcoat has a good slip resistance and bearing capacity, slurry seal having a good flatness and lower vehicle operating costs, Cape sealing layer has the advantages of both:
a)Used in residential street
Cape seal can length for 5-8years more.
b)Highways and trunk roads
1.2 cost of investment
Refer to overcoat slurry seal and stone chips
2 Injection repair potholes
Injection pothole repair is the use of a special machine for potholes and depressions and repair rupture zone. First, the machine repair potholes blown clean compressed air to remove any loose material in the holes, get a clean surface. Then, the inner surface coated with an emulsion of potholes. Recycling operation means patching machine to fill potholes in the aggregate, ejected from the nozzle and emulsion aggregate hot mix pothole filler, this method of repair potholes both waterproof and has good strength . Pothole repair requires a single aggregate size of 7mm, 10mm or 14mm stone, which is often carried out using a seal layer of aggregate gradation. Finally, the top layer of dry holes in aggregate, it has a surface sealing layer, thus completing the seal coat work, but there are situations holes and a layer of fine sand.
No compaction for adopting this way.
If you regularly use fast-setting emulsion and modified emulsion polymers, it is possible to repair potholes have a relatively high intensity, or in winter conditions, faster patching potholes. DURAPATCHER equipment is used to repair potholes, the device can also repair pavement cracks.
2.1economical efficiency
Injection pothole repair the main characteristics of the production output and relatively easy to repair potholes daily needs 2300L emulsion and other materials 20t, you need two people with one machine. Application of this method has significant economic benefits. Pavement repair is concerned, to ensure the smooth flow of the road, to a large extent depend on the scope and potholes patched potholes in the fast time to complete the repair. If the road has been particularly wet, then patching potholes can be said to be a waste.
Extend the life of pavement that timely repair potholes, potholes that no more than 15cm in diameter will need to be repaired potholes of life equal to the remaining useful life of the entire pavement.
2.2 cost of investment
Injection pothole repair only 1 station to the appropriate repair machine, the machine is about $ 50,000 / unit, to complete the curing process to just one person. In addition, Taiwan needs a large truck, but it is not part of the repair machinery. In addition, the device may be provided to other places, even as rental equipment.
a)A suitable conservation programs coupled with good detection system or PMS system can significantly extend the life of the road.
b)Emulsified asphalt is a convenient and effective binder
c)Slurry seal, stone chips overcoat, cape seal coat and jet repair potholes prove to be a good way of road maintenance, as long as the proper design, damaged road surface can be identified and Treatment.
d)Slurry seal, stone chips overcoat, cape seal coat and jet repair potholes prove to be a good way of road maintenance, as long as the proper design, damaged road surface can be identified and Treatment.